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Automated Tuners

Focus Microwaves automatic tuners are used in passive, active, fundamental and harmonic Load Pull measurement systems.

Load Pull measurements are used to assess the response of a device-under-test (DUT) under varying source and load impedances. By using these techniques designers can determine the ideal matching impedances required to maximize power transfer, and optimize the combination of output power, gain, efficiency and linearity in amplifier designs.

Multi-Harmonic Tuners

Multi-Purpose/Multi-Harmonic Tuner

Traditional, single probe, slide screw tuners use one wide-band probe in order to generate a controlled reflection factor at a fundamental frequency (fo) over a wide frequency range. The reflection factors at the harmonic frequencies (2fo and 3fo), even though they can be high, they cannot be controlled.

MPT's use three independent wide-band probes and allow control of the amplitude and phase of the reflection factor at all three harmonic frequencies independently. In the MPT, all probes are wide-band and it is the proper combination, made possible through extremely efficient search algorithms, of the three reflection vectors that allows independent tuning at the three harmonic frequencies.

The MPT’s main application is harmonic load pull. With a click of the mouse you can switch from one frequency to the other without mechanical intervention or re-calibration. MPT’s can also be used as single probe (wideband) tuners as well as high VSWR prematching tuners. MPT’s ultra-stable (fo only) mode of operation is a necessity for on-wafer vibration-free testing and is accomplished by moving the probes only vertically.


iTuner - Ingenium

The iTuner is an electro-mechanical slide screw tuner that includes advanced control electronics, on-board micro-processor and tuning firmware. This allows the iTuner to become a self-contained and fully calibrated test instrument that is well suited for integration into both existing and new test stations. The micro-processor inside the tuner is used to handle ASCII format communication via industry standard TCP/IP interface or locally via a joystick.


iDMT Differential Tuners

The iDMT Series offers the solution for load pulling the in-phase and out-of-phase signal paths of differential devices while injecting signals of equal amplitude and 180° phase difference.

Based on FOCUS’s proven load pull technology for single ended devices, the Differential Microwave Tuner series (DMT) allows synthesizing arbitrary differential impedances at the DUT’s input and output.

DMT tuners are also offered as stand-alone instruments thanks to a dedicated ActiveX library. They can also be used as standard single ended tuners for load pull or noise applications.

The DMT setup requires regular GSSG probes for biasing on-wafer devices. As for packaged devices, FOCUS Microwaves offers custom made differential wideband test fixtures for connecting to the DUT.


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