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Viavi Solutions (formerly JDSU) ONT606D-100G-40G
100G/40G Optical Network Ethernet Tester

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Viavi Solutions (formerly JDSU) ONT606D-100G-40G

JDSU-ONT606D-100G-40G 100GE/40GE Optical Network Tester

The ONT-100GE/40GE solution supports testing and verification for new
high-speed network elements for 40GE and 100GE Ethernet. It allows the
evaluation of the physical layer, PCS / MAC layers, and QoS testing at bit
rates of 40GE and 100GE.

JDSU-ONT606D-100GE bundle consists of:
3076/04 ONT-606D 6-slot Optical Network Tester mainframe
3076/92.50 100GE Module, CFP Slot V2, includes 100G Ethernet mapping
3061/94.51 40G Ethernet
3076/92.52 Physical Layer Validation (HW & SW option)
3061/94.53 100G/40G OTU4,Enables Mapping and Demapping Of 100G Ethernet to
3061/94.55 111.8G ONT Bulk, Bulk data wrapped into OTU4 with overhead,
FEC generation/analysis
3061/94.56 Skew Variation, For Generating Dynamic Skew Variations
3061/94.57 100G/40G OTU3 bulk, Bulk data wrapped into OTU3 with overhead, FEC
3061/92.98 Electrical CFP, 10 x 10G Electrical Interface
3076/92.45 Carrying case for ONT-606

/92.60 3076/92.60 100G/40G Client Service Board
/94.54 3061/94.54 Multistream / IP
/94.58 3061/94.58 100G/40G OTU3e1 bulk
/94.60 3061/94.60 100G/40G OTU3 with Client via transcoding
/94.61 3061/94.61 100G/40G OTN Enhanced Multiplexing
/94.62 3061/94.62 100G/40G ONT Multistage Multiplexing
/94.63 3061/94.63 100G/40G OTN ODU0 bulk
/94.64 3061/94.64 100G/40G OTN ODUflex bulk
/94.65 3061/94.65 100G/40G ODU0 with SDH/SONET Client
/94.66 3061/94.66 100G/40G ODU1/2 with SDH/SONET Client
/94.67 3061/94.67 100/40G OTN GFP-F up to 43G
/94.71 3061/94.71 100G/40G MAC/IP Capture on CSB
/94.72 3061/94.72 100G/40G 40G SDH/SONET
/94.73 3061/94.73 100G/40G OTN ODU Multichannel
/94.74 3061/94.74 100G Ethernet on CSB
/94.75 3061/94.75 40G Ethernet on CSB
/94.76 3061/94.76 100G/40G OTN SDH/SONET client in ODU3/OTU3
/98.21 3076/98.21 Operating Manual ONT-600

ER defined bundles:

Option Z1 includes:
92.60 92.60-100G/40G Client Se
94.54 94.54-Multistream / IP
94.58 94.58-100G/40G OTU3e1 bu
94.60 94.60-100G/40G OTU3 with
94.61 94.61-100G/40G OTN Enhan
94.62 94.62-100G/40G ONT Multi
94.63 94.63-100G/40G OTN ODU0
94.64 94.64-100G/40G OTN ODUfl
94.65 94.65-100G/40G ODU0 with
94.66 94.66-100G/40G ODU1/2 wi
94.67 94.67-100/40G OTN GFP-F
94.71 94.71-100G/40G MAC/IP Ca
94.72 94.72-100G/40G 40G SDH/S
94.73 94.73-100G/40G OTN ODU M
94.74 94.74-100G Ethernet on C
94.75 94.75-40G Ethernet on CS
94.76 94.76-100G/40G OTN SDH/S
98.21 98.21-Operating Manual O
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
25.91 cm 35.81 cm 43.43 cm 22.73 kg


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