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Viavi Solutions (formerly JDSU) OLP87-36
SmartClass Fiber PON Power Meter and Microscope

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Viavi Solutions (formerly JDSU) OLP87-36

OLP-87 FTTX power meter, 1310/1490/1550 nm SC-APC, with integrated patch
cord microscope (PCM)

JDSU Order# 2306/36

The OLP-87 is ideal for end-of-line testing, activation, and maintenance of
all FTTx/PON signals. The through-mode capability can simultaneously measure
voice, data, and RF video signals on fiber at 1490/1550/1578 nm downstream
and 1270/1310 nm burst mode upstream.

The OLP-87 is compatible with the P5000i digital analysis microscope so users
can check fiber end-face quality and get pass/fail acceptance results with
one button push. The OLP-87P features an integrated patch-cord microscope
(PCM) for added value and improved workflow efficiency.

* First universal PON meter with B-PON, E-PON, G-PON, and new
XG-PON/10G-EPON networks test support
* Field-portable delta-selective PON power meter with through-mode capability
* Available in 1310/1490 nm, 1310/1490/1550 nm, and
1270/1310/1490/1550/1578 nm versions
* Burst mode measurement of 1270 nm and 1310 nm upstream signals
* High-performance broadband power-meter option
* Automated pass/fail fiber inspection analysis with optional P5000i mscope.
* Integrated patch-cord microscope version
* On-board fiber inspection and test results storage
* Data transfer and remote control via USB via USB, Ethernet or optional
WiFi connection
* Smart-Reporter certification software to create customized reports

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20.32 cm 7.62 cm 5.08 cm 1.82 kg


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