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Viavi Solutions (formerly JDSU) FIT-S105
Inspection & Test Kit - 200/400X Probe, Display w/400X PCM & OPM

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Viavi Solutions (formerly JDSU) FIT-S105


Inspection & Test Kit - 200/400X Probe, Display w/400X PCM & OPM

FIT-S105 is a kit with the essential tools for fiber handling, including an
FBP series Dual Magnification (200/400X) Probe Microscope with an
integrated FIT-HP3-60-P4 system.

FIT-HP3-60-P4 is a handheld device that integrates an optical power
meter, video display, and patch cord inspection microscope together.
This combination allows users to quickly and easily perform essential
fiber handling procedures (optical power testing and fiber end-face
inspection) with one device. The input for FBP series probe microscope
and the dedicated patch cord microscope lets users quickly and easily
inspect both sides of a fiber interconnect.

Includes "universal" power supply/charger, which supports 100-240VAC and
plug adapters for US, EU, UK, and AU type wall worts.

Also included are 2 FBPT series inspection tips (SC & LC) for bulkhead
inspection and 2 FMAE adapters (Univ. 2.5mm and Univ 1.25mm) for
inspecting patch cords. All contents in this kit are packaged in a portable
shoulder bag/carrying case.
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