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Viavi Solutions (formerly JDSU) ANT5
SDH Access Tester

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JDSU-ANT5/4565.34/STM-1/4 Package
JDSU-ANT5/4565.35/STM-1/4/16 Package
Catalog Description

Viavi Solutions (formerly JDSU) ANT5

JDSU-ANT5/4565.35 SDH Access Tester is designed to provide all the test
functions required by engineers installing and maintaining 1.544 Mbs up to
2.5 Gbs SDH networks.

JDSU-ANT5/4565.35 features:
Optical testing at dual wavelengths from STM-1(155Mbs) up to
STM-16 (2.5Gbs)
Electrical testing at DS1, E1, E3, DS3, E4, STM-0, and STM-1
Full analysis of concatenated mappings with SDH signals.
In-depth PDH analysis with Sa bit generation and flexible mux / demux
test configuration.

*JDSU-ANT5/4565.34 features:
*Matches the JDSU-ANT5/4565.35 execpt it does not have STM16 capability.

Electrical interfaces: DS1, E1, E3, DS3, E4, STM-0e/1e; NRZ ECL STM-1/-4/-16
Optical interfaces: STM-1/-4/-16 Dual 1310LR / 1550 LR
Connectors: FC/PC
Includes the following options:
PDH Mux / Demux SDH AU3/SONET VT Mapping Concatenated Mapping
European power cord.

The unit has a Color LCD display, RS-232 interface, Ethernet interface and a
Compact Flash type l and ll card slot.

Optional SONET OC-3/-12/-48 optics are available at extra cost.

Software version 2.0 is installed.

ER defined bundles:

Option Z1 includes:
4565.16 Optical LR STM-1/4/16
4565.35 STM-1/4/16 Package
4565.50 SDH/PDH Access Tester
4565.58 PDH Mux/Demux
4565.59 Concatenated Mapping

Option Z2 includes:
4565.14 Optical LR STM-1/4
4565.53 SDH AU3/SONET VT Mapping
4565.58 PDH Mux/Demux
4565.59 Concatenated Mapping
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
27.81 cm 20.32 cm 7.62 cm 13.64 kg


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