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Tektronix TLA7016
Benchtop Logic Analyser Mainframe

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Tektronix TLA7016

TLA7016 Benchtop Logic Analyser Mainframe

The TLA7016 supports up to six TLA7AAx, TLA7ABx, or TLA7NAx modules.

This mainframe requires an external controller.
Customers can either use the TEK-TLA7PC1 Benchtop Controller (ordered
separately) or provide their own Windows XP Pro or Windows 2000 Pro computer.

Providing support of up to six TLA modules, up from five TLA modules in
previous models, the TLA7016 allows designers of the latest technology to use
a single mainframe rather than the multiple mainframes required by other logic
Analyser vendors. The TLA7016 features a Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) LAN Interface
Module with DHCP client capability that connects to an external PC controller.
A mini electroluminescent (EL) display shows the mainframe name (configurable
via TLA user interface) and IP address.

Current TLA7Axx/NAx modules used in the TLA7016 mainframe benefit from the up
to 6x faster data throughput.
Legacy TLA7Lx/Mx/Nx/Px/Qx/Dx/Ex/PG2 modules will work in the TLA7016
mainframe but will not benefit from the up to 6x faster data throughput

The TLA7000 Series Mainframes can be used as either master or expansion
mainframes (a TEK-TL708EX 8-port Instrument Hub & Expander is required for 3-8
mainframes connected together using TekLink cable).
Up to eight TLA7016 mainframes can be linked providing support for up to 48
modules for a maximun of 6,528 logic channels.
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