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Tektronix P7625
25GHz Low Noise TriMode Probe with TekConnect Interface

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Tektronix P7625

TEK-P7625 25GHz Low Noise TriMode Probe with a TekConnect Interface.

The P7600 TriMode Series Probes and the MSO/DPO70000DX and DPO/DSA70000D
Series Oscilloscopes are designed to deliver the highest probe tip bandwidth
and lowest system noise levels. The high sensitivity delivered by the probe
and scope is critical for being able to make accurate measurements on low
amplitude signals.

The P7600 series probes offer:
Tek's lowest noise, differential probes.
Increased system sensitivity at 3.48 mV/div
Remote head architecture that provides the shortest path to the input signal
with minimal path loss and noise
TriMode probe functionality providing S-E, differential, and common mode
measurements with a single setup
Termination Voltage Control to terminate the probe input into a DC voltage
that matches the serial data transmitters output

The P7600 Series probes utilize an interchangeable active tip design built
around a custom tip interface using high frequency SMPM connectors. The P7600
Series probes feature an Automatic Adapter ID function that recognizes the
attached adapter and automatically applies the correct DSP filters that
eliminate imperfections in the frequency response all the way to the probe
tip. This feature eliminates the risk of manually selecting the wrong tip type
and is more efficient for the user.

The Tek P7600 series is a modular system that would probably require one of
following coax adapters.
TEK-P76CA-292 - 2.92 mm Coaxial Adapter
TEK-P76CA-292C - 2.92 mm Coaxial Adapter with Cables
TEK-P76CA-SMP - SMP Coaxial Adapter with Cables
TEK-P76TA - P7500 Tip Adapter
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