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Tektronix P7520A
20/25GHz Trimode Differential Probe

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Tektronix P7520A

TEK-P7520A 20/25GHz Trimode Differential Probe does differential, single-ended
and common mode measurements

The TEK-P7520A is still specified as a 20GHz probe and it will function like a
TEK-P7520 on legacy TekConnect oscilloscopes. When a P7520A is connected to a
DPO/DSA70000D oscilloscope, additional bandwidth options will be available to
use DSP to boost the bandwidth of the probe system up to 25GHz when used in
differential mode. The oscilloscope will download the data and create probe
specific DSP filters. The process of transferring the data takes a few
When a P7520A is used with any other tip or in any other mode, it will perform
the same as a current P7520 on any non-D version 70000 oscilloscope.

To achieve 25GHz performance with the TEK-P7520A in differential mode requires
the new TEK-P75PST Performance Solder tip. The P75PST solder tips are
consumable items and can not be rented. These are not standard accessories and
must be ordered separatly. MLP is the selling price.

The TEK-P75PST is built with tighter tolerances than the standard P75TLRST
Solder Tip to ensure consistency of performance. When a P7520A is used with
tip or in any other mode, it will perform the same as a current P7520

Bandwidth: > 20GHz, 25 GHz with TEK-P75PST tip
User Selectable Attenuation: 5X or 12.5X
Differential Input Range: +/- 0.625V (5X); +/- 1.6V (12.5X)
Common Mode Input Range: +3.7 to -2.0V
Tek Connect Interface
1 meter cable length
Two TEK-P75TLRST TriMode Long Reach Solder Tips are standard with the P7520A
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
0 cm 0 cm 0 cm 0.91 kg


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