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Tektronix P7516
16GHz Trimode Differential Probe

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Tektronix P7516

TEK-P7516 16GHz Trimode Differential Probe does differential, single-ended,
and common mode measurements

Also see TEK-DPO70K series and TEK-DSA70K series scopes.

Applications include hi speed serial buses, LAN/WAN, telecom, memory, and
other high speed digital applications that need the ability to validate signal
integrity and view multiple channels simultaneously, with matched channel
response. Standards included PCI-Express I&II, Serial ATA (I,II,&III), USB
2.0, DDR II & III, FBDIM (I&II), Rambus, Xaui, HDMI, SAS, and InfiniBand.

Bandwidth: > 16GHz
User Selectable Attenuation: 5X or 12.5X
Differential Input Range: +/- 0.625V (5X); +/- 1.0V (12.5X)
Tek Connect Interface
1 meter cable length
Two TEK-P75TLRST TriMode Long Reach Solder Tips are standard with the P7516.
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
0 cm 0 cm 0 cm 0.91 kg


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