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Tektronix P7340A
4GHz Z-Active Differential Probe

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Tektronix P7340A

The TEK-P7340A active probe architecture preserves high bandwidth while
providing improved connectivity with low loading.The P7340A Z-Active
architecture uses a tiny passive probe tip element that is separate from the
amplifier, extending the usable reach of the probe. In traditional active
probes, adding this much length can introduce signal fidelity problems.
the new P7340A architecture maintains high DC input resistance and presents a
higher AC impedance than previous probe architectures.

Main Features & Benefits

Signal Fidelity:
>4.0 GHz Bandwidth (Typical)
<100 ps Risetime 10% - 90% (Guaranteed)
< 70 ps Risetime 20% - 80% (Typical)

5X or 25X user selectable.

Low Probe Loading:
DC Input Resistance:
100K Ohm differential
50K Ohm single-ended
AC loading:
Zmin 290 Ohm differentially at 4 GHz

Solder down capability
Handheld probing with Variable spacing and compliance
Fixtured probing

Interchangeable Tip-Clip assemblies:
Connect to a variety of devices

!!Important!! Tip clip accessories needed for solder down applications must
treated as consumables. Customer will be charged for solder down resistors not
returned as part of the accy list.
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0 cm 0 cm 0 cm 0.91 kg


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