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Tektronix P7330
3.5GHz Differential Probe

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Tektronix P7330

TEK-P7330 3.5GHz differential probe.

3.5 GHz Differential Probe for TekConnect Interface.
Also see TEK-P6330 with TekPROBE II BNC Interface.

Bandwidth: 3.5 GHz
Attenuation: 5X
Amplitude (VPk-Pk): +/-2 V
Input R (MegOhm): 100k
Input C (pF): 0.3 pF
Cable Length: 1.3 meters

Supports DSA8300, MSO/DPO70000C/D/DX, CSA/TDS8200, CSA/TDS8000,
CSA/TDS7000/B, and TDS6000/B/C Series.

Note: DSA8300, CSA/TDS8200, CSA/TDS8000 Series requires the use of the 80A03
TekConnect Interface Adapter.
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0 cm 0 cm 0 cm 1.82 kg


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