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Tektronix P6780
2.5GHz Differential Logic Probe

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Tektronix P6780

TEK-P6780 2.5GHz Differential Logic Probe

Also see TEK-MSO70404, TEK-MSO70804, TEK-MSO71254, and TEK-MSO72004

The TEK-P6780 probe is designed for probing differential signals where signal
integrity and noise performance are critical.

Key Specifications:

2.5GHz Analog Bandwidth
7.5V peak to peak dynamic range
0.5pF Input capacitance

Flexible connectivity to solder-down accessory wires, or fits both 0.100 inch
and 2mm square pin configurations. Supports ICapture (simultaneous
digital-analog acquisition)

The customer may choose from five Connectivity Solutions that best suits
probing the Device Under Test (DUT) listed below:

1- Flex Adaptor tip for attaching to circuit board vias; 1mm hole spacing; use
with 6 or 8mil wires.

2-Wide Body Adaptor tip with built-in strain relief that can be stacked or
grouped together; for high signal quality when used with ferrite beads.

3-Hand Browser for browsing by hand to find signals of interest; with 360
degree swivel tip.

4-Standard Adaptor for soldering to component pins or vias.

5- Probe Grouper; group multiple probe heads for connecting to adjacent pins;
holds up to 8 probe heads securely.
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