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Tektronix P5205
100MHz 1300V Differential Probe

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Tektronix P5205

TEK-P5205 High Voltage Differential Probe

100MHz differential probe. Maximum differential voltage 1,300V.
Maximum common mode voltage 1,300V. Attenuation switchable, 50X/500X.
Power Source: TEKPROBE Power Supply

Compatable Scopes:
TDS400/500/600/700 series.
TEK-11000 series.

*Note: TDS7154, TDS7254, TDS7404, TDS6404, TDS6604, CSA7154 and CSA7404
a TCA-1MEG Buffer Amplifier.

The TEK-P5205 is a 100 MHz Active Differential Probe capable of measuring fast
rise times of signals in floating circuits. This 1,300 V differential probe
can measure safely voltages in IGBT circuits such as motor drives or power
converters. It is specifically designed to operate on Tektronix oscilloscopes
with TEKPROBE interface.
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