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Tektronix DPO7054
500MHz 4CH Digital Phosphor Scope

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TEK-DPO7054/5RL/LSA/DELOP/50Ms per ch memory/CAN/LIN Protocol Trigger/Delete Option
TEK-DPO7054/DELOP/Delete Option
TEK-DPO7054/JA3/DELOP/Advanced Jitter/Delete Option
Catalog Description

Tektronix DPO7054

TEK-DPO7054 500MHz 4CH Digital Phosphor Scope
Bandwidth: 500MHz
Sample Rate: 2.5GS/s on 4ch; 5GS/s on 2ch; 10GS/s on 1ch
Sampling Rate with at-build Opt 2SR: 5GS/s on 4ch; 10GS/s on 2ch; 20GS/s on
Note: No upgrade path for option 2SR. 2SR must be ordered at time of initial
Memory: 10M per ch on all 4ch; 20M on 2ch; 40M on 1ch
Waveform Capture Rate: > 250,000 wfms/second on all 4 channels

Standard features include 12.1 in XGA 1024 x 768 display, Windows XP Pro.

The DPO7000 series introduces a new generation of probe interface architecture. TekVPI ("Tek"tronix
"V"ersatile "P"robe "I"nterface) provides users ease-of-use in probe setup, easy
selection of displayed probe status and setup information, and accurate probe measurement performance results all
intended to simplify and improve the performance of the user's test and measurement experience.

Recommended TEKVPI Probes:

TAP2500 - 2.5 GHz single-ended Active Probe
TAP1500 - 1.5 GHz single-ended Active Probe
TCP0030 - 30A, 120MHz AC/DC Current Probe
TPA-BNC TekProbe Level 2 BNC to TekVPI Adapter

Note:TPA-BNC is required for use with TekProbe Level 2 probes: TCP202,
TCPA300, TCPA400, P5205, P5210, P5200, ADA400A, P6241, P6243, P6245, P6246,
P6247, P6248, P6249, P6330, AMT75, AFTDS. Existing BNC and TekProbe-BNC Level
1 probe types can be connected directly to a DPO7000 without the TPA-BNC
Probes that use the TekConnect interface are not compatible and will not work
with scopes that have the new TekVPI interface.

Memory Upgrades:

TEK-DPO7UP/RL02 Memory Upgrade 80Ms max, 20Ms per ch
TEK-DPO7UP/RL05 Memory Upgrade 200Ms max, 50Ms per ch
TEK-DPO7UP/RL25 Memory Upgrade from 20Ms per ch to 50Ms per ch

Software Upgrades:

LSA Low Speed Serial Analysis - required for I2C, SPI, CAN, and RS-232

ET3 Ethernet Compliance Testing

USB USB Compliance Testing - software only

MTM Serial Communication Mask Testing

PWR Power Measurement and Analysis

Input/Output Ports:
Front Panel
Probe Compensator Output - Front panel pins.
Amplitude 1 V 20% into a ?50 ? load; 500 mV from base to top into a 50 ? load,
frequency 1 kHz 5%.
Recovered Clock (for DPO7254 or DPO7354 only) -
BNC connector, ?1.25 Gb/s, Output swing?130 mVpk-pk into 50 ?. Requires option
to enable.
Recovered Data
BNC connector , ?1.25 Gb/s, Output swing 200 mV into 50 ?. Requires option to
USB 2.0 Port - One USB 2.0 connector.
Aux Trigger Input - See Trigger specification.

Side Panel
Parallel Port - IEEE 1284, DB-25 connector.
Audio Ports - Miniature phone jacks (disabled).
Keyboard Port - PS-2 compatible.
Mouse Port - PS-2 compatible.
USB Ports - Four USB 2.0 connectors.
LAN Port -
RJ-45 connector, supports 10Base-T, 100Base-T and Gigabit Ethernet.
Serial Port - DB-9 COM1 port.
VGA Video Port -
DB-15 female connector; connect a second monitor to use dual-monitor display
mode. Supports basic requirements of PC99 specifications.
Oscilloscope VGA Video Port -
DB-15 female connector, 31.6 kHz sync, EIA RS- 343A compliant, connect to show
the oscilloscope display, including live waveforms on an external monitor or
Rear Panel
Power -
100 to 240 VRMS 10%, 47 to 63 Hz, <550 W
115 VRMS 10%, 400 Hz, CAT I, <500 VA.
Analog Signal Output -
BNC connector provides a buffered version of the signal that is attached to
the Ch 3 input
Amplitude: 50 mV/div 20% into a 1 M? load, 25 mV/div 20% into a 50 ? load
Bandwidth: 100 MHz into a 50 ? load
Software-Switchable BNC Connector -
External Time Base Reference In: BNC connector, time base system can
phase-lock to external
10 MHz reference.
Time Base Reference Out: BNC connector, provides TTL-compatible output of
internal 10 MHz reference oscillator.
Aux Trigger Output - BNC connector provides a TTL-compatible, polarity
switchable pulse when the oscilloscope triggers. GPIB Port - IEEE 488.2

TEK has changed the upgrade prefix to TEK-UP.
See TEK-UP for available upgrades to this scope series.
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26.52 cm 45.09 cm 29.16 cm 29.09 kg
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