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Tektronix DPO4104
1GHz 4CH Digital Phosphor Scope

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Tektronix DPO4104

TEK-DPO4104 1GHz 4CH Digital Phosphor Scope
Debugging just got a whole lot more intelligent with the DPO4000. The Wave
Inspector feature provides a set of easy-to-use tools that simplify discovery,
viewing, navigating and analyzing your waveform data. The DPO4000 also is an
ideal choice when working with today's most common serial buses such as CAN,
SPI and I2C. You will get through your long serial data records quicker and
easier with the unique zoom, pan, play, pause, set, and mark capabilities of
the Wave Inspector feature.

Bandwidth: 1GHz
Channels: 4
Sample Rate: 5GS/s on all channels
Memory: 10M per channel on all 4 channels (no memory options)
Waveform Capture Rate: 3,700 wfms/second on all 4 channels
10.4 in. XGA Color Display
USB and CompactFlash on Front Panel, 10/100 Ethernet Port
USB 2.0 Device Port for Direct PC Control of Oscilloscope using USBTMC
Suite of Advanced Triggers
e*Scope Remote Viewing and Control
Interoperability with Tektronix Logic Analyser
Wave Inspector Controls Provide Unprecedented Efficiency in Waveform Analysis.
Requires separately asseted application modules for I2C, SPI, CAN Serial
Triggering and Analysis:
DPO4AUTO - Automotive CAN serial triggering and analysis module
DPO4EMBD - Embedded I2C, SPI serial triggering and analysis module

DPO4000's uses the TekVPI ("Tek"tronix "V"ersatile "P"robe "I"nterface).
TekVPI provides users ease-of-use in probe setup, easy selection of displayed probe status and setup information,and
accurate probe measurement performance results all intended to simplify and improve the performance of the user's test
and measurement experience.

Units come standard with: One P6139A 500MHz 10x Passive probe per channel

Recommended Probe options:
TAP1500 1.5 GHz TekVPI active FET probe
TCP0030 120 MHz TekVPI 30A AC/DC current probe
TCPA300/400* Current Measurement Systems
P6246* 400 MHz differential probe
P6247* 1 GHz differential probe
P5205* 1.3 kV, 100 MHz high voltage differential probe
P5210* 5.6 kV, 50 MHz high voltage differential probe
P5100 2.5 kV, 250 MHz 100X high voltage passive probe
ADA400A* Differential Preamplifier
AMT75* 1 GHz, 75 ohm adapter

*Requires TekVPI to TekProbe BNC adapter - TPA-BNC
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