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Tektronix CSA8200
Digital Communications Signal Analyser

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Tektronix CSA8200

Digital communications signal Analyser. Requires plugins.
Same as TEK-CSA8000B, but with improved prescale trigger input sensitivity -
200mV to 12.5GHz and supports the new 82A04 phase reference module.

DC to 70GHz depending on plugin. The CSA8200 has 2 large module slots and 4
small slots allow for a wide variety of configuration options and allow
simultaneous optical, electrical, clock recovery and 200 fs timebase in a
single mainframe.

The TDS/CSA8200 is compatible with the TDS/CSA8000B and will accept all of the
80x0x modules as well as the newest 82A04 module. Future Tek 80x00 can be used
on both the 8200 and 8000 series instruments. The 82x00 modules are only 8200
series compatible.

The new 80E10, 80E09, 80E08, and 80E07 sampling modules are compatible with
the CSA/TDS8200 mainframes that have the latest v2.5 firmware installed.
Mainframes that require a firmware upgrade can download it from TEK's web site
free of charge.

A TEK-80A06 Pattern Sync Trigger Module is required for a TDS/CSA8200 Series
when using 80SJNB Advanced Jitter, Noise, and BER Analysis software.
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