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Tektronix BSA286CL
BERTScope 28.6 Gb/s Low Noise Bit Error Ratio Analyser

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TEK-BSA286CL/Z1/Stress Analysis Bundle
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Tektronix BSA286CL

BSA286CL BERTScope 28.6 Gb/s Low Noise Bit Error Ratio Analyser
BSA BERT with Generation performance to 28.6Gbps and full rate error detection

Designed for the low intrinsic jitter and precision impairments required for
testing a broad set of 100G communications standards including OIF-CEI, CAUI,
and InfiniBand Standards.
The BSA286CL has a fully re-designed jitter impairment system which
incorporates state of the art modulation technology to 100G PHY Layer testing.
It supports higher levels of Sinusoidal Jitter (SJ) and other jitter
impairments while maintaining low sub 300 fs intrinsic jitter floor
performance at key 100G data rates. Another new capability in the BSA286CL is
Combined Random, Bounded Uncorrelated and High Frequency Sinusoidal Jitter
(RJ, BUJ and SJ) impairments up to 28.6G offering combined levels exceeding
7.5UI over a broad range of required jitter tolerance (JTOL) frequencies. An
industry first, this capability is key to meeting OIF-CEI 3.0 JTOL
specifications as well as similar needs found in IEEE802.3bj 100G

STR - Stressed Signal Generation includes the following options:
ECC Error Correction
MAP Error Mapping
PL Physical Layer Suite
XSSC Extended Spread Spectrum Clocking
JTOL Jitter Tolerance Templates

Features & benefits
Pattern Generation and Error Analysis, High-speed BER Measurements up to 28.6

Integrated, Calibrated Stress Generation to Address the Stressed
Receiver Sensitivity and Clock Recovery Jitter Tolerance Test
Requirements for a Wide Range of Standards
Sinusoidal Jitter
Random Jitter
Bounded, Uncorrelated Jitter
Sinusoidal Interference
Spread Spectrum Clocking
PCIe 2.0 & 3.0 Receiver Testing
F/2 Jitter Generation for 8xFC and 10GBASE-KR Testing
IEEE802.3ba & 32G Fibre Channel Testing

Z1 package includes:
F2 F/2 Jitter Generation
JMAP Jitter Decomposition
LDA Live Data Analysis
PVU PatternVu Equalization
SF Symbol Filtering
SLD Stressed Live Data
STR Stressed Signal Generation
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