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Tektronix AWGSYNC01
AWG Synchronization Hub

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Tektronix AWGSYNC01

TEK-AWGSYNC01 AWG Synchronization Hub
Synchronizes signal output on up to four TEK-AWG70001A and/or TEK-AWG70002A

The TEK-AWGSYNC01 enables the multi-instrument synchronization of up to four
AWG70001A or AWG70002A units allowing up to eight channels to be aligned to
the same clock, pattern jump and trigger inputs. It requires no additional
software and allows for the rapid and consistent synchronization of multiple
devices. It also provides calibration ports to deskew up to four AWG70000
instruments to within 10ps. After the deskew process the TEK-AWGSYNC01 can
repeatedly return to within =<5 ps of the same deskew point.

Key Performance Specifications
Random Jitter (typical): 315 fsRMS
Total jitter (typical): 13 psp-p at 12.5 Gb/s
Instrument to instrument skew: +/-10 ps
Skew repeatability/accuracy: =<5 ps

Key Features
Synchronize signal output from two to four AWG70000 instruments (providing two
to eight signal outputs)
Synchronize to within +/-10 ps
Trigger all channels to the same resolution

Wideband RF/MW for communications and defense electronics
Validation and compliance testing of high speed silicon and communications
Coherent optical research
Leading edge research in electronics, physics and chemistry
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
60.35 cm 46.05 cm 4.45 cm 15.91 kg


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