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Tektronix AWG7122C
12GS/s 2CH 32M/CH Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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TEK-AWG7122C/1/6/64M Waveform Length/24GS/s Interleave
TEK-AWG7122C/1/6/8/64M Waveform Length/24GS/s Interleave/Fast Sequence Switching
TEK-AWG7122C/1/6/8/9/64M Waveform Length/24GS/s Interleave/Fast Sequence Switching/Sub-sequencing/dynamic jp
Catalog Description

Tektronix AWG7122C

TEK-AWG7122C 12GS/s, 2ch, 10bits, 32M point/ch Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The AWG7122C has a standard sample rate of 12GS/s which can be expanded to
24GS/s using the interleave (opt 06) option.The faster sampling rates support
advanced performance to cover a wider range of applications from device
characterization or verification to functional/compliance test applications.

There are essentially no changes to the banner specifications between the "B" and the
"C" models.

"C" model improvements include:
New motherboard with an Intel Core2 Duo Processor E8400.
Increased motherboard memory from 2 GB to 4 GB.
OS upgrade to Windows 7 which improves network security.
Brighter LED backlit display screen with a wider field of view.
Display cloning, providing customers a way to duplicate the AWG display on an
external monitor or projector.
Equation Editor software tool has been added as a standard accessory on all
models which can be used to create custom waveforms

Opt 9 is a new option that adds Dynamic Jump and Sub-Sequencing capability. Originally
created for the AWG400/500/600/700 "legacy" instruments, Dynamic Jump and
Sub-Sequencing are tools that enable customers to create complex sequence waveforms.

Opt 8 is not a keycode and is a return to factory upgrade. It is not a field

All Opt 8 units are classified as 3A002 and will require an export license for
shipments to customers outside North America.
Models without opt 8 will be classified as 3A992 and will not require export

Note: Option /6 is not field upgradeable. Must be ordered at the time of

Z1 package includes the following:
1 64M Waveform Length
6 24GS/s Interleave
8 Fast Sequence Switching
RFX100 RFXpress Waveform Creation
SDX100 SerialXpress Jitter Generation
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
50.04 cm 45.72 cm 24.38 cm 28.18 kg
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