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Tektronix AWG7122B
12GS/s 2CH 32M/CH Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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TEK-AWG7122B/6/8/RFX100/24GS/s Interleave/Fast Sequence Switching/RFXpress Waveform Creatin
Catalog Description

Tektronix AWG7122B

TEK-AWG7122B 12GS/s, 2ch, 10bits, 32M point/ch Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The AWG7122B has a standard sample rate of 12GS/s which can be expanded to
24GS/s using the interleave option.The faster sampling rates support advanced
performance to cover a wider range of applications from device
characterization or verification to functional/compliance test applications.

*Of note is Option 8. It is a new option for both the AWG5000B/AWG7000B series
instruments (Opt 8 is standard on older AWG5000/7000). Opt 8 was created to
enable the reclassification of the base models and other options so that
export licenses will not be required with the exception of this new option.
Opt 8 units are classified as 3A002 and will require an export license for
shipments to customers outside North America.
Models without opt 8 will be classified as 3A992 and will not require export

**A AWG5000B/AWG7000B without option 8 can be upgraded. Option 8 is not a
keycode and is a return to factory upgrade. It is not a field upgrade.

Although the need for Option 08 will depend on a customer requirement Tek has
identified some of the applications where Option 08 is and is not required.
Option 08 - Required (export license required for some Asia/Pacific
Display Port (compliance testing)
Option 08 - Not Required
PCI-E (compliance testing)
Some RF applications (e.g. with RFXpress for WiMedia)

Note: Option /6 is not field upgradeable. Must be ordered at the time of
Max Sample Rate: 12 GS/s (24 GS/s - interleaved)
DAC Resolution : Mode 1: 8 bit (2 digital out /ch (markers), Mode 2: 10 bit
(no digital out (markers)

Maximum Memory Length: 32M / 64M/ch (option) x4 points (double at interleave,
Analog output: 1 (up to 24GS/s), 2 (up to 12GS/s)
Rise/fall (20-80) (Typical) Standard: normal (350ps), direct out (75ps): High
Bandwidth option (35ps)
Bandwidth: (Typical) Standard: normal (0.75GHz),
direct out (3.5GHz): High Bandwidth option (7.5GHz)
Number of sequence steps: 16,000
Marker outputs: 4

Features & Benefits
12 GS/s (24 GS/s)
9.6 GHz Effective RF Frequency Output
1 or 2 Arbitrary Waveform Outputs
Accurate Timing with only 20 psp-p Total Jitter (at 10-12 BER, Typical)
35 ps Tr/Tf (20% to 80%)
100 ps Range (1 ps Resolution) Inter Channel Skew Control
2 or 4 Variable Level Marker Outputs
Accurate Timing with only 30 psp-p Total Jitter (at 10-12 BER, Typical)
45 ps Tr/Tf (20% to 80%)
Up to 300 ps Range (1 ps Resolution) Delay Control
Vertical Resolution up to 10-Bit Available: 10-Bits (No Marker Output) or
8-Bits (with Two Marker Outputs)
Up to 64 M (64,800,000) Point Record Length Provides Longer Data Streams
Down to 100 fs Resolution Edge Timing Shift Control
16,000 steps Sequencing Creates Infinite Waveform Loops, Jumps and
Conditional Branches
Real-time Sequencing Creates Infinite Waveform Loops, Jumps, and
Conditional Branches
Intuitive User Interface Shortens Test Time
Integrated PC Supports Network Integration and Provides a Built-in DVD,
Removable Hard Drive, LAN, and USB Ports

Environmental Characteristics
Temp: +10 C to +40 C
Humidity: 5% to 80% relative humidity (% RH) at up to +30 C,
5% to 45% RH above +30 C up to +50 C
Altitude: Up to 3,048 meters (10,000 feet)
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
50.04 cm 45.72 cm 24.38 cm 28.05 kg
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