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Tektronix AWG7082C
8GS/s 2CH Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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TEK-AWG7082C/1/6/8/64M Waveform Length/16GS/s Interleave/Fast Sequence Switching
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Tektronix AWG7082C

TEK-AWG7082C 8GS/s 2CH 32M/CH Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Features & Benefits
Wideband RF/MW Modulation Bandwidth
Generates Complex Wideband Signals across a Frequency Range of up to 9.6 GHz
Generates Modulation Bandwidths of up to 3.5 GHz (1 dB)
Waveform Sequencing and Subsequencing
Enables Creation of Infinite Waveform Loops, Jumps, and Conditional Branches
Enhance the Ability to Replicate Real-world Signal Behavior
Dynamic Jump Capability
Enables the Creation of Complex Waveforms that Respond to Changing External
Vertical Resolution up to 10 bit Available
Generate Signals up to 1 GHz Modulation Bandwidths with 54 dBc SFDR

Wideband RF/MW for Communications and Defense Electronics
Wideband Direct RF/MW Output up to 9.6 GHz Carrier
High-speed Serial Communications
Up to 6 Gb/s Data Rate for Complex Serial Data Streams (4x Oversampling,
Provides any Profile Multilevel Signals to allow Timing (Jitter) Margin
Testing without External Power Combiners
Mixed-signal Design and Test
2-channel Analog plus 4-channel Marker Outputs
High-speed, Low-jitter Data/Pulse and Clock Source
Real-world, Ideal, or Distorted Signals Generates Any Combination of Signal
Impairments Simultaneously

Characteristic Normal w/Amp Direct w/o Amp
Sample rate (nominal) 10 MS/s to 8 GS/s 8 GS/s to 16 GS/s
Resolution (nominal) 10 bit (no markers selected) or 8 bit (markers selected)

Output Amplitude Characteristics
*Amplitude levels are measured as single-ended outputs
*Amplitude level will be 3 dBm higher when using differential (both) outputs
Range (typical)
Normal w/Amp -22 dBm to 10 dBm
Direct w/o Amp -22 dBm to 4 dBm
Wideband Option 2 -2 dBm to 4 dBm
Wideband Option 6 Zero On: -8 dBm to 2 dBm Zero Off: -2 dBm to 4 dBm

Accuracy (typical) At -2 dBm level, with no offset, +/-0.3 dB

Opt 9 is a new option that adds Dynamic Jump and Sub-Sequencing capability.
Originally created for the AWG400/500/600/700 "legacy" instruments, Dynamic
Jump and Sub-Sequencing are tools that enable customers to create complex
sequence waveforms.

Opt 8 is not a keycode and is a return to factory upgrade. It is not a field

All Opt 8 units are classified as 3A002 and will require an export license for
shipments to customers outside North America.
Models without opt 8 will be classified as 3A992 and will not require export

Note: Option /6 is not field upgradeable. Must be ordered at the time of
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
0 cm 0 cm 0 cm 42.27 kg


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