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Tektronix AFG3022C
25MHz Arbitrary/Function Generator

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Tektronix AFG3022C

TEK-AFG3022C 25MHz Arbitrary/Function Generator

Unmatched performance, versatility, intuitive operation, and affordability
make the AFG3000C Series of Function, Arbitrary Waveform, and Pulse
Generators the most useful instruments in the industry.

Users can choose from 12 different standard waveforms. Arbitrary
waveforms can be generated up to 128 K in length at high sampling rates.
On pulse waveforms, leading and trailing edge time can be set
independently. External signals can be connected and added to the output
signal. Dual-channel models can generate two identical or completely
different signals.

Waveforms: Sine, Square, Pulse, Ramp, Triangle, Sin(x)/x, Exponential Rise
and Decay, Gaussian, Lorentz, Haversine, DC, Noise

Main output: 50 Ohms
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16.76 cm 33.02 cm 15.75 cm 5.91 kg
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