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Tektronix 80SICON
ICONNECT Signal Integrity and Failure Analysis SW

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Tektronix 80SICON

TEK-80SICON/USB ICONNECT Signal Integrity and Failure Analysis Software

The key features of these products are:

80SSPAR is the basic, lowest priced Iconnect product. It has three key

S-Parameter Measurements
True Impedance Profile (Z-Line)
50 ohm calibration

80SICON is the original Iconnect SW. It has all of the features found in
80SSPAR plus:

Easily Analyze Source of Interconnect Jitter, Losses, Crosstalk, Reflections,
and Ringing

Efficiently Model PCBs, Flex boards, Connectors, Cables, Packages, and Sockets

Analyze Interconnects Concurrently, in Time and Frequency Domains

Perform Cost-Effective Eye Mask Test, Insertion, and Return Loss Specification
Compliance Testing

Obtain More Accurate Impedance Measurements

Quickly Locate Interconnect Failures
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