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Tektronix 80E10
50GHz 2CH Sampling Module/TDR

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Tektronix 80E10

The TEK-80E10 is a dual-channel Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) sampling
module, providing up to 12 ps incident and 15 ps reflected rise time. Each
channel is capable of generating a fast step for use in TDR mode and the
acquisition portion of the sampling module monitors the incident step and any
reflected energy. The polarity of each channel's step can be selected
independently. This allows for differential or common-mode TDR or S-parameters
testing of two coupled lines, in addition to the independent testing of
isolated lines. The independent step generation for each channel allows true
differential measurements, which ensures measurement accuracy for differential

The TEK-80E10 is small form-factor, fully integrated independent 2 meter
sampler systems, enabling location of the sampler near the DUT and ensuring

best signal fidelity. The module characterize crosstalk by using TDR steps to

drive one line (or line pair for differential crosstalk) while monitoring a
second line (or line pair) with the other channel (or another module for
differential crosstalk). The "filter" function on the 8200 and 8000 series
mainframes can be used with TDR or crosstalk measurements to characterize
expected system performance with slower edge rates.
The module has independent incident step and receiver deskew to remove the
effect of measurement fixtures and probes, that enable faster and easier
de-embedding of test fixtures. The TEK-80E10 sampling module provides an
acquisition rise time of 7 ps, with up to 50 GHz bandwidth (user-selectable
with 50, 40 and 30 GHz settings).
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