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Tektronix 80E09B
60 GHz 2CH Remote Electrical Sampling Module

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Tektronix 80E09B

TEK-80E09B 8000 Series: Dual Channel: 60 GHz: Remote Electrical Sampling
Module (includes D1)

The TEK-80E09B is dual-channel module with remote samplers, capable of
450 micro Vrms noise at 60 GHz sampling bandwidth and 300 micro V at
30 GHz sampling bandwidth. The small form factor remote sampler is
attached to a 2-meter cable to minimize the effects of cables, probes, and
fixtures, allow close location of the sampler to the DUT, and enable best
signal fidelity. With 60/40/30 GHz User-selectable bandwidth settings the
80E09B offers optimal noise/bandwidth tradeoff.
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15.24 cm 7.62 cm 5.08 cm 2.27 kg
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