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Tektronix 80E04
20GHz 2CH Sampling Module/TDR

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Tektronix 80E04

20GHz 2 channel (E)lectrical sampling module with TDR for TEK-CSA8000 series
Risetime 17.5 ps.

The 80E04 is a dual-channel Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) sampling module.
This sampling module provides an acquisition rise time of 17.5 ps or less,
with a typical 20GHz equivalent bandwidth.
Each channel of the 80E04 is capable of generating a fast step for use in TDR
mode and the acquisition portion of the sampling module monitors the incident
step and any reflected energy. The reflected rise time of the TDR step is 35
ps or less and the polarity of each channel's step can be selected
independently. This allows for differential or common-mode testing of two
coupled lines, in addition to the independent testing of isolated lines.

SMA connector; two SMA male shorting terminations included.
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
13.46 cm 7.87 cm 2.54 cm 0.91 kg


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