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Tektronix 80C07B
2.5GHz Optical Sampling Module

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TEK-80C07B/F10/FILTER RATES: 155: 1250 M
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Tektronix 80C07B

Optical Sampling Module; 2.488 GB/s, OC48/STM16, 2.500 GB/s 2GBE, 2.500 GB/s
INFINIBAND;2.3 GHZ Optical Bandwidth.

/CR1 = CLOCK/DATA Recovery: 155/622/1063/1250/2125/2488/2500/2666 MB/s.
/F1 = Filter Rates: 155, 622 MB/s.
/F10 = Filter Rates: 1250, 2125 Mb/s

The 80C07B module is a broad wavelength (700 to 1650 nm) multi-rate optical
sampling module optimized for testing datacom/telecom signals from 155 to 2500
Mb/s. With its amplified O/E converter design, this module provides excellent
signal-to-noise performance, allowing users to examine low-power optical
signals. The 80C07B can be optionally configured with clock recovery that
supports 155, 622, 1063, 1250, 2125, 2488, 2500 and 2666 Mb/s rates.
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30.48 cm 16.51 cm 2.54 cm 6.82 kg


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