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Optical Design Manufacturing TTK650
Field Loss Test Kit with Video Inspection

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Optical Design Manufacturing TTK650

Field Loss Test Kit with Video Inspection

The TTK 650 field test kit delivers powerful and portable fiber testing
at an affordable price. High-end hardware and software allows technicians to
ensure industry-standard compliance with PASS/FAIL functionality for single
mode fiber optic telecommunications systems.

Connector Inspection:
* VIS 400 inspection scope and 8 inch Dell windows 8 tablet
Automated PASS/FAIL compliance with IEC 61300-3-35 standard
direct connect to any Windows PC/tablet, or connect to Android/iOS device
via Wi-FI with the optional PA255B
Includes 4 standard inspection tips (SC, LC, 1.25mm and 2.5mm)

Connector Cleaning
* Complete wet/dry cleaning system ensures compliance with industry
standards for endface cleanliness

dB Loss Testing
* Optical Power Meter (RP460-02) with archiving ability
and streaming data via USB. Store 1000 Measurements per wavelength.

Wavelength range: 850nm to 1625nm
Power range: -60dBm to +6dBm
Resolution: 0.01dB
Audio tone alert from incoming 2kHz signal
Single mode or multimode
Detector type: Germanium
Optical interface: 2.5mm
NIST traceable measurements

* Laser light source (DLS350) Single ouput for both wavelengths

Dual LED source with SC adapter
Wavelengths: 850nm & 1300nm
Output power: -20dBm typical
Output stability: +-0.05dB - one hour
Specral Width: 40nm/120nm
Optical interface: Universal connector interface (SC,FC,ST,LC)
Tone output: 2kHz
NIST traceable measurements

* Loopback test jumpers and fiber module allow for loss testing in paired
fiber systems (AC 4500, AC 523)

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