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Olympus Industrial America ISPEED3
150,000fps High Speed Video Camera

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OLYM-ISPEED3/MP/Monochrome Package
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Olympus Industrial America ISPEED3

OLYM-ISPEED3 High Speed Video Camera Package. Intro Date April 2008.

The 3rd generation Olympus I-SPEED3 High Speed Video Camera with an Olympus
(CDU) Camera Display Unit is used for capturing and analyzing motion by
providing a slow motion view of high-speed events. The camera will allow
capture of up to 150,000 frames per second (FPS) with its on-board 8GB
internal memory storage.
Images may be captured on either a compact flash card or or moved directly to
a PC through its Ethernet connection.

Frame Speed Resolution
1000 1280 x 1024
2000 1280 x 1024
5000 804 x 600
10,000 528 x 396
20,000 312 x 260
50,000 180 x 132
100,000 96 x 72
150,000 60 x 44

The Olympus (CDU) Camera Display Unit allows easy set up, recording, editing,
measurement and storage without the need for additional PC equipment.
This allows customers to have quick and easy access of images captured for
playback and further analysis. Immediate data analysis is possible to allow
decision making at the source, making measurements on images that are
synchronized to other data events with a live graphical display.

Key Features:
Recording speeds of up to 150,000fps (Frames per Second).
Monochrome or color cameras with 8GB internal memory.
1280 x 1024 SVGA resolution at 1000fps.
Exclusive Olympus (CDU) Camera Display Unit.
Built in measurement, storage and editing capability through CDU.
Internal PCMCIA slot for compact flash memory card storage.
Ethernet link for image download and PC control.
Continuous streaming live video from four outputs (CDU, SVGA, S-Video and
Various trigger modes including (ROC) Record on Command and (BROC) Burst.
Integral electronic shutter, to five microsecond.
Synchronization to multiple cameras.

Lighting Accy Kit Olympus PN 1160220 Lighting Accy Kit includes the following
OLYM-1160221 Lowel DV Pro Light Kit
OLYM-1160222 Lowel Molded TOTA/Omni84 Case
OLYM-1160223 Bogen 808RC4 3-way Panhead
OLYM-1160224 Bogen Tripod 055XDB
OLYM-1160225 Bogen Heavy Duty Flex Arm
OLYM-1160226 Bogen Variable Friction Ar
OLYM-1160227 Super Clamp
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