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Noise Com UFX7112
1MHz-2GHz Noise Generator

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Noise Com UFX7112

Frequency Range: 1MHz to 2GHz
Output Power: +0dBm
a Programmable Noise Generator. It produces
Gaussian amplitude distribution noise from 1 MHz
to 2 GHz with a +/- 1.5 dB flatness. Nominal
output is 1 mW into 50 Ohms. A step attenuator
provides 0-127 dB noise adjustment range in 1 db
increments. The output connector is sma(f).

NOISECOM. Multi-Channel CDMA Simulator
Front Panel Key Pad
Multi-Channel Signals up to Four Channels
Fully Characterizes Amplifier Spectral Regrowth
IEEE 488 GPIB Port
Output Power Levels in 0.1 dB Steps

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2.54 cm 5.08 cm 7.62 cm 2.27 kg


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