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Manta Test Systems MTS-5100
Manta 3 Phase Protective Relay Test System

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MAN-MTS-5100/30/31/Foot Switch/Test Lead Kit
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Manta Test Systems MTS-5100

MAN-MTS-5100 Manta 3 Phase Protective Relay Test System

The MAN-MTS-5100 is smiliar to the MAN-MTS-5000 system but with the following

50% larger screen (laptop size)
**6 currents and 4 voltages (vs. 3&3)**
All new hardware design.
Same weight but the 5100 is physically larger (less than 10%)
The same software is used as the 5000 for simple transition for 5000 users.

All-in-one, PC-less, protective relay tester with a direct, front panel
interface for all functions with exceptional productivity boosting
features including intelligent multi-phase adjustment, specific relay
test modes, and graphical phasor display. Includes 3-phase AC
voltage, high VA 3-phase AC current, DC voltage, contact/voltage
inputs, contact outputs, analog transducer inputs, sequence of events
recording, waveform capture capability and GPS receiver. Performs
semi-automated testing, transient waveform playback, and
end-to-end testing proficiently without a PC.

The following options are standard on all units:
- Option 10 Hard-shell shipping Case
- Option 12 Ethernet Crossover Cable
- Option 13 RS-232 Communications Cable
- Option 14 Rapid Reporter Softwaretoring Software
- Option 17 MTS-2100 Graphical Monitoring Software
- Option 22 GPS Antenna 100ft.

Input Power
Single phase 110-130VAC @ 15A max (or 220-250VAC @10A max), FACTORY SET
Operating Range 100-130 VAC or 210-250 VAC, 47-63 Hz
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
0 cm 0 cm 0 cm 43.64 kg
N/A Currently not available for sale


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