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KoCoS Technology Group ACTAS-P360
Portable Switchgear Test System

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KOC-ACTAS-P360/SCS15/PX60X3/Standard Cable Set/Travel Sensor Cables
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KoCoS Technology Group ACTAS-P360

KOCOS-ACTAS-P360 Portable Switchgear Test System

Switchgear devices are situated at the key points of electrical energy
transmission and distribution systems.
Their reliability has a decisive influence on the availability, safety and
economic efficiency of electricity supply systems.
Only regular, on-site tests can ensure that switchgear devices function
perfectly throughout their operational life.
ACTAS test systems provide precise information as to the condition of the
chamber and drive unit without requiring them to be opened. The sheer number
of parameters to be determined, the wide variety of different types of
switchgear equipment in use and the harsh environmental conditions encountered
during on-site tests place extreme demands on test equipment.

External PC control for high flexibility and easy operation:

ACTAS test instruments are controlled with ergonomic, easy-to-use software for
Windows operating systems. External opera-tion, independent of the test
instrument itself, brings significant benefits, including the possibility of
using existing PCs. Not only does this make economic sense, the familiar PC
environment also helps users get to grips with the software more easily.

A further advantage is that tests can be prepared and analysed without having
to connect a test instrument or even leave the comfort of the office. Once on
site, tests can be controlled from outside the danger zone, while the test
instrument itself is posi-tioned in the direct vicinity of the
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