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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) N5247A-200
10MHz-67GHz 2-Port PNA-X Microwave Network Analyser

Part NumberIncluded Options
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KT-N5247A-200/10/29/83/86/HW1/Time-domain measurements/Fully corrected noise fig/Vector and scalar calibr/Gain compression applica/80/219/224
KT-N5247A-200/1CP/HW1/P2/Rack Mount with Handles/80/219/224/28/83/86/87
KT-N5247A-200/1CP/HW1/P2/W7X/Rack Mount with Handles/80/219/224/28/83/86/87/Windows 7 OS
KT-N5247A-200/20/HW1/W7X/Add IF inputs/80/219/224/Windows 7 OS
KT-N5247A-200/8/P1/Pulsed-RF measurements/21/22/25/80/219/224
KT-N5247A-200/80/219/224/Frequency offset measure/Ext pwr range and bias te/2nd source, combiner, mcs
KT-N5247A-200/83/86/HW1/W7X/Vector and scalar calibr/Gain compression applica/80/219/224/Windows 7 OS
Catalog Description

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) N5247A-200

10MHz-67GHz 2-Port PNA-X Microwave Network Analyser

2 port integrated S-parameter test set
Wide dynamic range: >110dB dynamic range at test port (typical) above 500MHz;
Optional second source for IMD, hot-S22, and high speed swept-LO measurements;
Optional signal combiner for easy IMD and hot-S22 measurements;
Front-panel jumpers for direct access to test-port couplers and receivers;
Built-in bias-tees simplify amplifier evaluation;
10.4 inch XGA color LCD, touch screen;
Code compatible to the PNA series Network Analyser;
RF connectors 1.85mm male (50ohm);
4 USB on Front panel 2.0 compatible;
VGA video output;
Built in Handler I/O, LAN, USB, GPIB interfaces and Peripheral ports on rear;

Option requirements:
Option 8 requires option 25
Option 22 requires option 224
Option 82 requires option 80
Option 82 is a subset of option 83
Option 83 requires option 80
Option 84 requires options 80 and 83
Option 224 requires options 80, 200, and 219
Option H08 requires option 25, replaced by option 8.

Compatible cables/cal kits:
KT-85058B 1.85mm Calibration kit
KT-N4694A 1.85mm Ecal module
KT-N4697F 1.85mm Test port cable

ER defined option bundles:

Option HW1 is a bundle of:
80 Frequency offset measurements
219 Add extended power range and bias-tees to 2 port Analyser
224 Add internal second source, combiner and mechanical switches

Option P1 is a bundle of:
21 Pulse modulator to 1st source
22 Pulse modulator to 2nd source
25 4-Internal pulse generator
80 Frequency offset measurments
219 Ext pwr range and bias tee
224 2nd source, combiner, mechanical switches

Option P2 includes:
28 Noise figure meas std rcv
83 Vector and scalar calibr
86 Gain compression applica
87 Intermodulation distorti
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
50.8 cm 43.18 cm 25.4 cm 60 kg
N/A Currently not available for sale


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