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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) N5222A-200
10MHz-26.5GHz 2-Port PNA Microwave Network Analyser single source, base hardware configuration

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KT-N5222A-200/10/W7X/Time Domain/Windows 7 OS
KT-N5222A-200/10/WXP/Time Domain/Windows XP OS
KT-N5222A-200/21/25/WXP/Pulse mod int 1st source/4 Internal pulse gen/Windows XP OS
KT-N5222A-200/7/10/W7X/Automatic fixture removal/Time Domain/Windows 7 OS
KT-N5222A-200/7/W7X/Automatic fixture removal/Windows 7 OS
KT-N5222A-200/80/83/WXP/Frequency offset/Vector & scalar cal conv/Windows XP OS
KT-N5222A-200/86/WXP/Gain compression app/Windows XP OS
KT-N5222A-200/W7X/Windows 7 OS
KT-N5222A-200/WXP/Windows XP OS
Catalog Description

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) N5222A-200

10 MHz to 26.5 GHz 2-Port PNA Microwave Network Analyser single source
**Option 28 is not available on the -200

2 port integrated S-parameter test with single source;
Wide dynamic range: >127dB dynamic range at test port (typ) above 500MHz;
131 dB receiver dynamic range 32,001 points, 32 channels, 15MHz IF b/w
High output power: (+13dBm) and a wide power sweep range (38dB);
Low noise floor: -114dBm at 10Hz IF bandwidth;

10.4 inch XGA color LCD, touch screen;
Code compatible to the E series PNA Network Analyser;
RF connector type 3.5mm (m), 50ohm;
4 USB on Front panel 2.0 compatible;
VGA video output;
Built in Handler I/O, LAN, USB, GPIB and Peripheral ports on rear;

Option requirements:
Option 7 requires Windows 7
Option 8 requires option 25
Option 22 not available on 2 port PNA series models
Option 82 requires option 80 and is a subset of option 83
Option 83 requires option 80
Option 84 requires one option 28,82,83,86,or 87
Option 87 not available on KT-N5222A-200
Option 88 not available on KT-N5222A-200
Option 460 not available on KT-N5222A-200 series models
Option 551 not available on KT-N5222A-200

7 Automatic Fixture removal
8 Pulsed RF Measurements
10 Time Domain
20 IF inputs
21 Pulse mod int 1st source
22 Pulse mod int 2nd source
25 4 Internal pulse generators
28 Noise figure measurements using standard receivers
80 Frequency offset
82 Scalar cal converter sw
83 Vector & scalar cal conv
84 Embedded LO measurements
86 Gain compression app
118 Fast CW Mode
302 Application for use with temperature-characterized CalPods
419 4 ports, dual source, config test set, extended pwr range, bias-tees

Compatible cables/cal kits:
KT-85052B 3.5mm Standard calibration kit
KT-85052C 3.5mm Precision calibration kit
KT-85052D 3.5mm Economy calibration kit
KT-85131E 3.5mm Flexible test port cable 38 inches
KT-85131F 3.5mm Flexible cable set 24.5 inches each
GORE-85131F 3.5mm Flexible cable set 24.5 inches each

KT-N4431B 9kHz-13.5GHz 4-Port 3.5 mm RF Ecal module
KT-N4433A 300kHz-20GHz 4-port 3.5 mm Ecal module
KT-N4691A/00F 10MHz-26.5GHz ECal module female-female
KT-N4691A/M0F 10MHz-26.5GHz ECal module male-female
KT-N4691B/00F 300kHz-26.5GHz ECal module female-female
KT-N4691B/M0F 300kHz-26.5GHz ECal module male-female

Rack Mount Hardware:
Rack mount 1CM is made up of 1ea 1CM042A and E3663AC
Rack mount 1CP is made up of 1ea 5063-9237, 1CN020A and E3663AC

LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
50.8 cm 43.18 cm 25.4 cm 43.18 kg
N/A Currently not available for sale


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