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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) N2806A
Calibration Pulse Generator

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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) N2806A

Worlds fastest pulse generator with sub-7 ps fall times and sub-9 ps rise
Fully differential on 2 RF outputs. Access the rising edge and corresponding
falling edge simultaneously for differential step response measurements and
Included in the N2807A PrecisionProbe Advanced Kit, for fast and easy
insertion loss characterization and removal up to 63 GHz on Keysight Infiniium

Demanding applications call for the pinnacle of calibration pulse generator
performance. The Keysight Technologies N2806A leverages microwave expertise
and InP technology to produce the worlds fastest, highest spectral purity,
fully differential pulses. From calibration and metrology to TDR
and network analysis, high performance applications require the N2806A

The N2806A generates step pulses and square waves with sub-7 ps edge speeds in
a remote head.
Using a remote head allows the fast edge output to be connected directly to
where it is needed,
as cables significantly decrease edge speed. The generator offers 2
differential RF outputs.
Both the rising and corresponding falling edge can be accessed simultaneously,
enabling differential step response measurements and TDR.
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