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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) MSOX91604A
16GHz 4 + 16CH Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

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KT-MSOX91604A/DSA/801/805/Digital Signal Analysis/Removable Hard Drive/GPIB Interface
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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) MSOX91604A

KT-MSOX91604A 16GHz 4 + 16CH Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Today's designs require access to complex triggers and multiple instruments.
Keysight MSOs seamlessly integrate the familiar controls of an oscilloscope
the additional digital data collection and pattern recognition of a logic
Analyser. You can trigger across any combination of analog and digital
channels; integrate serial bus triggering and decode and even see inside FPGA

The KT-MSOX91604A mixed signal oscilloscopes provide up to 20 channels you can
use at once. Each channel can be combined in a unique pattern trigger. The
KT-MSOX91604A has the ability to label each individual channel as part of a
bus for decoding, saving hours of manual work. It also features
application-specific decode applications that are designed for up to 20
channels. These applications include many low-speed serial and parallel

Key Specifications:
Analog bandwidth: 16 GHz on 4CH, upgradable to 33 GHz
Maximum sampling rate: 80 GS/s on 2CH, 40 GS/s on 4CH simultaneously
Standard memory: 20 Mpts on 4CH, 40 Mpts on 2CH
With DSA option: 50 Mpts on 4CH, 100 Mpts on 2CH
Maximum memory: 2 Gpts on 4CH, 2 Gpts on 2CH
Noise floor: 1.45 mVrms at 16 GHz at 50mV/div
Jitter measurement floor: <100 fS

Digital Channels Acquisition:
Maximum real time sample rate: 10GSa/s at 16 channels, 20GSa/s at 8 channels
Maximum memory depth per channel: Up to 1 Gpt
Minimum width glitch detection: 50 pS

DSA models come with 50 Mpts memory, EZJIT (002), EZJIT+ (004), EZJIT Complete
(070) and Serial Data Analysis (003) standard.
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