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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) M9393A-F14
PXIe 9kHz-14GHz, Performance Vector Signal Analyser Test Set

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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) M9393A-F14

9 kHz to 14 GHz PXIe Performance Vector Signal Analyser

40 MHz (standard), 100 MHz, or 160 MHz analysis bandwidth
Up to 4 time-synchronous channels
Easily upgradable hardware with license keys
Supports X-Series measurement applications for modular instruments,
covering cellular communication, wireless connectivity and general
purpose analog and digital modulation formats.
Fast stepped spectrum measurements and advanced analysis of more than
75 signal formats, with the 89600 VSA software.

+/- 0.13 dB absolute amplitude accuracy
-168 dBm/Hz displayed average noise level (DANL) with preamplifier
and noise corrections
+ 31 dBm third-order intercept (TOI)
< 135 us frequency tuning speed

Quickly characterize spurs and harmonics across 27 GHz in less than 1
second at 10 kHz resolution bandwidth with hardware and software
optimized for speed (see 89601B-SSA option)
Perform high-speed, hardware accelerated power, spectrum, and
IQ measurements
Accelerate test with low latency, high throughput PXIe architecture

Option Descriptions
300 Precision Frequency Reference 10MHz, 100MHz
B04 Analysis bandwidth, 40 MHz (Std)
B10 Analysis bandwidth, 100 MHz
B16 Analysis bandwidth, 160 MHz
F08 Frequency range, 9 kHz to 8.4 GHz
F14 Frequency range, 9 kHz to 14 GHz
F18 Frequency range, 9 kHz to 18 GHz
F27 Frequency range, 9 kHz to 27 GHz
M01 Memory, 128 MSa (Std.)
M05 Memory, 512 MSa
M10 Memory, 1024 MSa
P08 Preamplifier, 8.4 GHz
P14 Preamplifier, 14 GHz
P18 Preamplifier, 18 GHz
P27 Preamplifier, 27 GHz
UNZ Fast tuning

Software descriptions :
M9063A/2TP Analog demodulation measurement application
M9064A/1TP Vector signal analysis measurement application
M9064A/2TP Flexible digital modulation analysis, requires 1TP
M9064A/3TP WLAN (802.11a/b/g) modulation analysis, requires 1TP
M9071A/2TP GSM/EDGE measurement application
M9071A/3TP EDGE Evolution measurement
M9071A/XTP GSM/EDGE combined measurement application
M9072A/2TP cdma2000 measurement application
M9073A/1TP W-CDMA Measurement application
M9073A/2TP HSDPA/HSUPA measurement application, requires M9073A/1TP
M9073A/3TP HSPA+ Measurement Application, requires M7073A/1TP
M9073A/3TP HSPA+ Measurement Application, requires M7073A/1TP
M9075A/2TP WiMAX 802.16-OFDMA application
M9076A/1TP 1xEV-DO Measurement application
M9077A/XTP Wireless LAN Measurement application
M9079A/1TP TD-SCDMA Measurement application
M9079A/2TP HSDPA/8PSK Measurement application, requires M9079A/1TP
M9080B/1TP LTE-FDD Measurement application
M9081A/2TP Bluetooth Measurement application
M9082B/1TP LTE-TDD Measurement application

89601B Vector Signal Analysis Software:
200 Basic vector signal analysis
300 Hardware connectivity
AYA Vector modulation analysis
B7N 3G modulation analysis bundle
B7R WLAN 802.11a/b/g modulation analysis
B7T cdma2000 modulation analysis
B7U W-CDMA/HSPA+ modulation analysis
B7W 1x-EVDO modulation analysis
B7X TD-SCDMA/HSPA modulation analysis
B7Y WiMAX 802.16 modulation analysis
B7Z WLAN 802.11n modulation analysis
BHA TEDS modulation analysis
BHC RFID modulation analysis
BHD LTE FDD modulation analysis
BHE LTE TDD modulation analysis
BHF Custom OFDM modulation analysis
BHG LTE-Advanced FDD modulation analysis
BHH LTE-Advanced TDD modulation analysis
BHJ WLAN 802.11ac modulation analysis
BHK Custom IQ modulation analysis
SSA Spectrum Analysis

Electro Rent defined bundles:
Option P1 is a bundle of:
300 Precision Frequency Reference 10MHz, 100MHz
B10 Analysis bandwidth, 100 MHz
M05 Memory, 512 MSa
P14 Preamplifier, 14 GHz
UNZ Fast Tuning

LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
40.64 cm 48.26 cm 20.32 cm 13.18 kg


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