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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) M8197A
Multi-Channel Synchronization Module

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KT-M8197A/801/815/Clock Cable/Dynamic Cntrl Input Cable
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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) M8197A

KT-M8197A Multi-Channel Synchronization Module

The KT-M8197A is a synchronization module for up to 4 M8195A modules. Using
the M8197A, a fully synchronous system with up to 16 channels per AXIe 5-slot
chassis can be realized. The M8197A also provides a dynamic control
input/general purpose output that can be used with one or more M8195A modules.

Synchronization of up to 4 M8195A AWG modules, or 16 independent channels for
complex signal scenarios

Precise alignment for repeatable measurements:
One trigger input can trigger up to 4 M8195A modules with a delay accuracy of
20 ps
Skew repeatability of 2 ps between modules independent of sampling rate
Skew resolution of 50 fs between modules

Typical applications:
Multi-lane serial applications.
Phase coherent multi-channel I/Q signal generation up to 8 I/Q pairs.
Phase coherent multi-channel IF/RF generation with up to 16 IF/RF signals.
MIMO applications.
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