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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) M8192A
Multi-Channel Synchronization Module

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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) M8192A

KT-M8192A Multi-Channel Synchronization Module for KT-M8190A AWG's

The KT-M8192A synchronization module is used in conjunction with two to six
KT-M8190A Arbitrary Waveform Generator modules to build a fully synchronous,
phase coherent multi-channel generator system with up to 12 analog channels
and 24 marker outputs.

Features and benefits:
-Synchronization of up to six M8190A modules (= 12 channels)
-One trigger input can trigger up to six M8190A modules with deterministic
-Skew repeatability of 2ps between any two channels - independent of sample
-Skew calibration with 50 fs delay resolution between any two channels
-Takes up 1 slot in an AXIe chassis.

The KT-M8192A can be used to synchronize M8190A modules that are located
the same or different AXIe chassis. This allows very flexible configurations
address a variety of application requirements. Trigger and clock connections
are routed through special clock (KT-M8192A-801)and trigger (KT-M8192A-802)
cables that are connected on the front panel between the KT-M8192A module
and the KT-M8190A modules.

**Note that two clock cables and two trigger cables are included.
For configs with more than two AWG modules, the corresponding number of clock
(KT-M8192A-801) and trigger (KT-M8192A-802) cables needs to be ordered
separately. One of each cable is required for each AWG added.
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30.99 cm 35.05 cm 2.92 cm 9.55 kg


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