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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) E8257D-532
250kHz-31.8GHz PSG Analog Signal Generator

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KT-E8257D-532/1EH/7/DYN/UNT/Improved harmonics <2GHz/Analog ramp sweep/1E1/1EA/AM, FM, phase mod and LF
KT-E8257D-532/8/DYN1/UNT/UNY/Removable flash memory/1E1/1EU bundle/AM, FM, phase mod and LF/Improved ultra low phase
KT-E8257D-532/DYN1/NP/UNX/1E1/1EU bundle/UNT/UNW bundle/Ultra-low phase noise
KT-E8257D-532/TEL1/UNU/1E1/1EA/1EH/7/UNT/UNX/Pulse modulation
Catalog Description

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) E8257D-532

250kHz-31.8GHz PSG Analog Signal Generator

See also KT-E8257D-540

For rack mount 1CP
See KT-5063-9222 or KT-1CP005A

For rack mount 1CM
See KT-5063-9215 or KT-1CM013A.

For 1CN rack mount
See KT-5063-9228 or KT-1CN003A

Option UNY provides an advanced phase lock loop circuit along with a
high-performance internal frequency reference that improves both the
close-in and pedestal phase stability to provide superior
phase noise performance at all offsets less than 250 kHz from carrier.
With the integrated frequency dividers enabled (included with Option UNY),
the E8257D uses a dividing technique to output carrier frequencies
below 250 MHz. This results in improved phase noise at all offsets
for these frequencies. The dividers can be disabled,
returning the PSG to a standard mode of creating low frequencies
with a heterodyning technique. This mode provides wider deviation
bandwidth for frequency and phase-modulated signals.
No upgrade available for UNY, must be ordered at time of purchase.

Electro Rent defined bundles:

Option DYN is a Wide Dynamic Range bundle that includes options:
1E1 Step Attenuator
1EA High Output power

Option TEL1 is a bundle of:
1E1 Step Attenuator
1EA High Output Power
1EH Low Band Harmonics
7 Analog ramp sweep
UNT AM/FM/Phase modulation
UNX Ultra-low phase noise
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
66.04 cm 53.34 cm 30.48 cm 15 kg
N/A Currently not available for sale


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