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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) E7515A-506
300MHz-6GHz UXM Wireless Test Set

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KT-E7515A-506/D01/P1/Dual IP device test sw/BA1/BB1/C01/RA1/RB1/N7630
Catalog Description

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) E7515A-506

300MHz-6GHz UXM Wireless Test Set

The E7515A UXM wireless test set provides full RF parametric and functional
test coverage for LTE and LTE-Advanced. The UXM hardware combined with test
applications and lab applications provides a perfect solution tailored to
your test needs.

Gain new insights with integrated capabilities for LTE-Advanced design
-Stable, bidirectional data throughput for up to 3CC downlink (450 Mbps),
2CC uplink (100 Mbps)
-Built-in applications server and two independent 100 MHz RF transceivers
enabling multiple cells, UL and DL carrier aggregation, up to 4x2 DL
and integrated fading
-Receiver test capabilities including flexible channel allocation and
closed-loop testing, and industry-proven X-Series measurement
for transmitter testing
-Wide range of network emulator capabilities including complex handover
scenarios, IMS/VoLTE and (F)eICIC support.

Be ready for 4G and beyond
-Multi-format capable platform that will handle the next advancements in
antenna techniques, component carriers, and data rates
-Extensible architecture includes high-speed interconnects, upgradable
processors, and multiple expansion slots
-Versatile display capabilities with 15-inch touch screen interface

Software application descriptions:

E7530A LTE/LTE-Advanced Test Application option descriptions:
E7530A1 is used for E7530A-1FP-FDD FDD
E7530A2 is used for E7530A-1FP-TDD TDD
E7530A3 is used for E7530A-AFP-FDD 2CC DL carrier aggregation (FDD)
E7530A4 is used for E7530A-BFP 4x2 DL MIMO (FDD/TDD)
(these are all fixed perpetual licenses)

E7630A LTE/LTE-Advanced Lab Application option descriptions:
E7630A1 is used for E7630A-1FP-FDD FDD version A.01 (LTE rel 8)
E7630A2 is used for E7630A-1FP-TDD TDD version A.01 (LTE rel 8
E7630A3 is used for E7630A-2FP-F01 FDD version A.01 to A.02 upgrade
E7630A4 is used for E7630A-2FP-T01 TDD version A.01 to A.02 upgrade
E7630A5 is used for E7630A-2FP-FDD FDD version A.02
(these are all fixed perpetual licenses)

Option P1 is a bundle of:
BA1 Digital BB transceiver A
BB1 Digital BB transceiver B
C01 Channel emulator
RA1 RF up-down converter A
RB1 RF up-down converter B
E7630A5 FDD version A.02 (E7630A-2FP-FDD)
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
62.87 cm 42.55 cm 22.23 cm 36.36 kg
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