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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) E5062A-275
300kHz-3GHz ENA-L 75ohm RF Network Analyser with extended power range

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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) E5062A-275

300kHz to 3GHz ENA-L RF Network Analyser with extended power range

Provide reliable basic S-parameter measurements with easy-to-use features and
solid performance based on the latest in modern technologies. S-parameter test
set options provide more accurate measurements with full two-port calibration
Features; Integrated T/R or S-parameter test set; 75 ohm test port
impedance; large 10.4-inch color screen (optional touch screen operation);
Short (360 mm) depth allows for more bench top space; 115 dB dynamic range
0.005 dB rms trace noise;75 ohm multiport solution with optional 87075C test
set ; Fault location and SRL measurements for cable test (Option 100);
Built-in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
RF connectors Type-N, female; 75 ohm nominal.

For Handle kit 1CN use KT-5063-9229
For Rackmount kit 1CM use KT-5063-9216
For Rackmount kit 1CP use KT-5188-4430 or KT-5063-9222

See also KT-8714ES/1EC, KT-8714ET/1EC or KT-E5061B-237.

May require a calibration kit, additional test cables or other accessories
(See below).

KT-11857B Type N male-male, male-female test port cable set
KT-11857F Type N need to chose MOF, OOF or OOM
M0F- Type-N (m) to Type-F (m) cable
Type-N (m) to Type-F (f) cable
00F- Type-N (m) to Type-F (f) cable
00M- Type-N (m) to Type-F (m) cable

KT-85036B 75Ohm Mechanical cal kit type N
KT-85036E 75Ohm Type N economy cal kit
KT-85039B Type-F standard
KT-85099C E-Cal type F
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
31.5 cm 42.67 cm 22.1 cm 22.73 kg


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