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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) E4445A
3Hz-13.2GHz PSA Spectrum Analyser

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KT-E4445A/204/210/B7J/BAF/1xEV-DO Measurement Perso/HSDPA Measurement Persona/Digital demodulation hard/W-CDMA Measurement Perso
Catalog Description

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) E4445A

3Hz to 13.2GHz Performance Spectrum Analyser (PSA)

1Hz to 8MHz Resolution Bandwidth;
Analysis bandwidth: 10MHz with option B7J, 40MHz with option 140, and
80MHz with option 122;
Phase noise at 10kHz offset -116dBc; at 100kHz offset-122dBc.
2dB step attenuator. Input RF connector precision type "N"
female, 50-ohm.

Standard Features include:
All-digital IF with auto-ranging capability;
Phase noise optimization; Full detector suite;
160 resolution bandwidth settings (10% steps);
FFT and swept measurement modes;
Gated sweep; Power Suite one-button power measurements;
EMI precompliance measurements with CISPR compliant bandwidths and detectors.

Built in tests include adjacent channel power (ACP), channel power, occupied
bandwidth (OBW), emission bandwidth and harmonic distortion. Standard
interfaces include VGA, GPIB, Centronics parallel, and 10BaseT.

See also KT-N9030A-513.

Hardware Option description:
Option 107 Audio input 100kohm
Option 110 10MHz-26.5GHz internal preamplifier
Option 111 USB device side I/O interface standard on units with serial
US/MY4615xxxx or above
Option 115 512MB of memory standard on units with serial numbers
or above unless option 117 is installed
Option 117 Secure memory erase
Will require backup copy of HD and Keycodes prior to shipment
Option 122 80MHz bandwidth digitizer
Option 123 Switchable MW preselector bypass
Option 124 Y-axis video output can only be added to PSA 6 or above
Units with serial number greater than US/MY/SG 4611 will require 324 upgrade.

Option 140 40MHz bandwidth digitizer
Option 1DS 100kHz to 3GHz built-in preamplifier
Option AYZ External mixing
Option B7J Digital demodulation hardware
Option H70 70MHz IF output

Software descriptions:

Option 219 w/ option 1DS improves instrument uncertainty to 0.05dB below

Option 241 provides a modulation analysis measurement personality
it also accesses Spectrum and Waveform measurements similar to Basic Mode.
Option 266 KT-8566B code compatibility, can be downloaded from Keysight's
web site at no charge. However, it will automatically disable any E444x
series measurement personality installed. Option 266 can be removed, but
any personalities disabled will have to be manually reactivated by keycode.

Option compatibility and requirements:
Option 15 requires option 215
Option 107 requires option 233 and is not compatible with options 122,140
Option 110 is not compatible with option 1DS
Option 115 is not compatible with option 117
Option 122 is not compatible with options 107, 140 or H70
requires option 123 for frequencies above 3GHz
Option 123 is not compatible with option AYZ
Option 124 is not compatible with option H7L
Option 140 is not compatible with option 107, 122 or H70
requires option 123 for frequencies above 3GHz
Options 202, 204, 212, 233, B78, BAC, BAE, and BAF require option B7J
Option 210 requires options B7J and BAF
Option 212 requires option B7J
Option 213 requires options 212 and B7J
Option 214 requires options B78 and B7J
Option 217 requires option 122 or 140
Option 219 requires option 1DS or 110 to meet published specifications,
serial numbers less than or equal to MY4100XXXX or US4222XXXX
will require option 119 hardware upgrade
Option 219 is not compatible with the KT-N400XA series noise source
For use with noise source use KT-346B
Option 233 requires option B7J, for TRFL measurements option 123 is required
recommend option 110 or 1DS
Option 235 requires option 122
Option AYZ is not compatible with option 123
Option H70 is not compatible with options 122 or 140

For rack mount kit, use KT-E444XA-1CP screen for more subs.

ER defined bundles:

Option C1 is a bundle of:
204 1xEV-DO Measurement personality
226 Phase noise measurement personality
B78 cdma2000 Measurement personality
BAC cdmaOne Measurement personality
BAF W-CDMA Measurement personality

Option C4 is a bundle of:
211 TD-SCDMA measurement personality
212 TD-SCDMA modulation analysis personality
213 HSPA/8PSK for TD-SCDMA modulation analysis personality
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
73.66 cm 66.04 cm 45.72 cm 34.09 kg
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