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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) E4428C-506
250kHz-6GHz ESG Analog Signal Generator

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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) E4428C-506

250kHz to 6GHz ESG Analog Signal Generator
(Mechanical attenuator only - this is option UNB for 3GHz units)
Frequency Resolution: 0.01Hz

SSB phase noise: typical performance of
-134dBc/Hz at 20kHz offset from 1GHz carrier;
-113dBc/Hz at 20kHz offset from 6Ghz carrier;

Level accuracy: specified performance of +/-0.6dB
(fc< 3GHz, >-110dBm) and +/-0.9dB (fc >3GHz, > -110dBm);

High-stability timebase: standard oven-controlled crystal oscillator
(OCXO) frequency reference provides improved frequency accuracy
due to slower aging rate;

Output power:
-136dBm to +14dBm at 1GHz,

Flexible analog modulation formats: AM, FM, phase, and pulse

Wideband FM: DC to 10MHz modulation rates combined with
maximum deviations up to 8MHz;

Simultaneous modulation: FM, AM, phase, and pulse modulation may
be simultaneous enabled and driven by dual internal function

Internal modulation source: dual internal function generators with
waveform choices of sine, square, positive ramp, negative ramp,
triangle, Gaussian noise, uniform noise, swept sine, dual sine;

Configurable sweep modes: Frequency step, amplitude step and
arbitrary list;

Backwards compatibly: same form factor and 100% code compatible
with previous and current generations of all ESG signal generators

Interface GPIB [IEEE-488.2-1987] with listen and talk
RS-232, LAN [10BaseT].

RF output Nominal output impedance 50 ohms.
[type-N female, front panel]

For rack mount kit use KT-E4438C-1CP

See also KT-N5181A-506 or KT-E4438C-506 or KT-N5171B-506 or KT-N5181B-506.
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