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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) DSOX3034T
350MHz 4CH Digital Storage Oscilloscope

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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) DSOX3034T

KT-DSOX3034T 350MHz 4CH Digital Storage Oscilloscope

The 3000T X-Series takes everything that was revolutionary about the A model
and adds a capacitive touch screen, a user interface designed for touch,
and the exclusive Zone touch trigger, all combined with an industry-leading
uncompromised update rate of 1 million wfm/s to give you the confidence that
your seeing all of your signal detail, and the ability to discover any issues.
And the addition of new analysis capabilities help you solve your hardest
problems quickly.

The 3000T X-Series once again redefines what you can expect in a general
purpose oscilloscope by providing all of the performance and capability
you need to get to measurement insights faster.

Maximum sample rate 5 GSa/s all channels, 2.5 GSa/s half channels
Maximum memory depth Standard 4 Mpts, Segmented memory comes standard on the
3000T X-Series
Display size and type 8.5-inch capacitive touch gesture-enabled display
Waveform update rate > 1,000,000 waveforms per second

The capacitive touch screen:
Enables productivity
Is designed-for-touch to help simplify documentation
Operates like your favorite smart phone or tablet devices

The MegaZoom IV technology enables:
The industrys fastest uncompromised waveform update rate (1M wfm/sec)
increases the chance of finding anomalies
Industry exclusive zone touch trigger makes triggering simple
Standard segmented memory

6-in-1 integration that includes:
A mixed signal oscilloscope optional, a built-in 20MHz function/arbitrary
waveform generator, DVM and 8-digit counter and totalizer
The most hardware-based low speed serial trigger and decode options
Mixed domain (analog, digital, and frequency signals) analysis with gated FFT

Please see link below how to securely erase files on scope.

Standard 3-year warranty and 3-year calibration cycle
Each 3000T X-Series oscilloscope comes standard with one Passive probe 500
MHz, 10:1, 1 MO, 11 pF (KT-N2843A) per channel.

KT-N2843A Passive probe 500 MHz, 10:1, 11 pF NOTE: Comes STANDARD (1 per
KT-N2756A 16 digital channel MSO cable Standard on MSOX models & DSOXT3MSO
KT-N2870A Passive probe 35 MHz, 1:1
KT-10076C Passive probe 500 MHz 100:1 attenuation (4kV)
KT-N2804A 300 MHz 100:1 Differential probe, 4 pF, +/- 300V DC+peakAC
KT-N2805A 200 MHz 100:1 Differential probe, 4 pF, +/- 100V, 5 m cable
KT-N2795A Active single-ended probe 1 GHz 1 pF with AutoProbe
KT-N2797A Active single-ended probe 1.5 GHz extreme temperature
KT-N2750A IniniiMode differential probe 1.5 GHz 700 fF with AutoProbe
KT-N2790A Differential active probe 100 MHz, +/- 1.4 kV with auto probe
KT-N2791A Differential active probe 25 MHz, +/- 700 V
KT-N2818A 200 MHz 10:1 Differential Probe with AutoProbe
KT-N2819A 800 MHz 10:1 Differential Probe with AutoProbe
KT-1147B AC/DC current probe 50 MHz 15 A with auto probe
KT-N2893A AC/DC current probe 100 MHz 15 A with auto probe
KT-N2820A 2-channel high-sensitivity current probe 50 uA - 5 A
KT-N2821A 1-channel high-sensitivity current probe 50 uA - 5 A
KT-N7020A Power Rail Probe 2 GHz, 1:1, +/- 24V offset range

Additional Options:
KT-DSOXLAN LAN/VGA connection module Optional
KT-DSOXGPIB GPIB connection module Optional
KT-N6456A Rack mount kit

Serial protocols / Measurement applications :
KT-DSOX3EMBD (/LSS) Embedded serial triggering and analysis (IC, SPI)
KT-DSOX3COMP (/232) Computer serial triggering and analysis (RS232/UART)
KT-DSOXT3SENSOR (/SEN) Sensor triggering and analysis (SENT)
KT-DSOXT3AUTO (/AMS) Automotive serial triggering and analysis
KT-DSOX3FLEX (/FLX) FlexRay serial triggering and analysis
KT-DSOX3AUDIO (/SND) Audio serial triggering and analysis (IS)
KT-DSOX3AERO (/AER) MIL-STD 1553 and ARINC 429 serial triggering and analysis
KT-DSOX3WAVEGEN (/001) WaveGen 20 MHz arbitary/function generator
KT-DSOXT3DVMCTR (/DVM) Integrated digital voltmeter and 8-digit counter
KT-DSOX3PWR (/PWR) Power analysis application
KT-DSOX3MASK (/LMT) Mask limit testing
KT-DSOX3VID (/VID) Enhanced video/TV application package
KT-DSOXT3APPBNDL Complete Application bundle
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