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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) DSAX91604A
16GHz 4CH Digital Serial Analyser

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KT-DSAX91604A/001/014/W7/Precision Probe SW/InfiniiSIM Advanced/Win7 OS
KT-DSAX91604A/02G/801/805/W7/2Gb per CH memory/Removable Hard Drive/GPIB Card/Win7 OS
KT-DSAX91604A/801/805/820/Removable Hard Drive/GPIB Card/DVD RW
KT-DSAX91604A/801/805/820/W7/Removable Hard Drive/GPIB Card/DVD RW/Win7 OS
KT-DSAX91604A/801/805/W7/Removable Hard Drive/GPIB Card/Win7 OS
KT-DSAX91604A/Z1/W7/7,15,21,29,200,801,805,82/Win7 OS
Catalog Description

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) DSAX91604A

KT-DSAX91604A Infiniium X-Series 16GHz 4Ch Digital Serial Analyser
With the lowest noise floor, deepest memory depth, and wide-ranging signal
analysis and debugging capability, Keysight DSO/DSAX90000A Series
with up to 32 GHz true analog bandwidth enable users to capture & quickly
process large amounts of data providing customers greater insight into their
high-speed digital and RF designs.

Key Specifications:
Real-time bandwidth: 16 GHz on 4CH
Maximum sampling rate: 80 GS/s on 2CH, 40 GS/s on 4CH simultaneously
Standard memory: 50 Mpts on 4CH, 100 Mpts on 2CH
Maximum memory: 2 Gpts on 4CH, 2 Gpts on 2CH
Noise floor: 1.34 microVrms at 5 mV/div
Maximum waveform update: > 400,000 waveforms per second

The DSAX90000 Digital Signal Analyser Bundle consists of the following:
Standard 50 Mpts memory
Option 002/E2681A EZJIT jitter analysis software
Option 003/E2688A High Speed Serial Data Analyser software
Option 004/N5400A EZJIT+ jitter analysis software
Option 005/N5403A Noise Reduction and bandwidth control software

Recommended InfiniiMax III probe amps:

KT-N2800A 16 GHz probe amp
KT-N2801A 20 GHz probe amp
KT-N2802A 25 GHz probe amp
KT-N2803A 30 GHz probe amp

The InfiniiMax III probe amplifiers can be upgraded to higher bandwidths

The InfiniiMax III probing system includes accessories to enable probing with
ZIF tip, browsing, or connecting to 2.92 mm inputs.

KT-N5442A Precision BNC 50ohm adapter allows the use of existing InfiniiMax I
(1130A-1134A), InfiniiMax II (1168A/69A), 1156A-58A active probes or a general
purpose 50ohm BNC cable with the Infiniium 90000-X Series oscilloscope.

12.1" high-resolution XGA color Touch Screen display, 256 levels of intensity.
Internal 250 Gb hard drive.
Optional removable hard drive (Option 801 - at-build-only option. no retrofit
Optional USB external DVD-RW drive (Option 820)

I/O ports:
PCIe x4, GPIB, RS-232 (serial), Parallel, PS/2, USB 2.0 hi-speed (host), USB
2.0 hi-speed (device), Dual-monitor video output, Auxiliary output, Trigger
output, Time base reference output

The DSO/DSAX90000A series uses a common platform and has a "Full Bandwidth
Upgradeability" path. A scopes bandwidth can be upgradeable at extra cost
from 16GHz up to 32GHz. Also see KT-N2810A for memory upgrades.

P2 package consists of the following:
001 Precision Probe SW
009 Infiniiscan
017 PCI e 1.1 Protocol Decode
018 SATA/SAS Protocol
022 PCI EXPRESS compliance
036 10 GBase-T
038 SATA 6Gb/s Compliance
048 Ethernet 64/66 Protocol Decode
823 PCI EXPRESS Interface
N5392A Ethernet Compliance

Z1 package includes the following:
007 I2C/SPI Trigger/Decode
015 RS-232/UART Trigger/Decode
021 Ethernet Compliance
029 USB2.0 Compliance
200 200M Memory per CH
801 Removable Hard Drive
805 GPIB Card
820 DVD RW
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
47.5 cm 42.55 cm 26.67 cm 29.09 kg
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