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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) DSAV134A
13GHz 4CH V-Series Digital Signal Analyser

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KT-DSAV134A/02G/53/2Gb per CH memory/MIPI LLI Protocol decode
KT-DSAV134A/200/805/810/200M per CH memory/GPIB Card-Interface/12Gbps HW serial trigger
KT-DSAV134A/805/GPIB Card-Interface
KT-DSAV134A/805/200/GPIB Card-Interface/200M per CH memory
KT-DSAV134A/P2/See PI Screen
KT-DSAV134A/P3/See PI Screen
Catalog Description

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) DSAV134A

KT-DSAV134A 13GHz 4CH V-Series Digital Signal Analyser

DSA models come standard with 100 Mpts/channel, EZJIT Complete, and Serial
Data Analysis

Infiniium V-Series oscilloscopes provide superior measurement accuracy,
enhanced analysis tools and advanced probing systems.
Achieve Clarity Faster with Infiniium V-Series Oscilloscopes

The Infiniium V-Series family has the best-in-class signal integrity
real-time oscilloscopes in the industry, delivering the most
margin for your design validation. They are ideal for spectral
analysis of transients and wideband RF applications.

True analog bandwidth to 33 GHz on 2-CH (16GHz on 4-Ch)
Lowest noise floor (2.10 mV at 50 mV/div, 33 GHz)
Lowest intrinsic jitter (100 fs)
Highest Effective Number Of Bits (ENOB) values in excess of 5.5
Flattest frequency magnitude and phase response
Spurious Frequency Dynamic Range (SFDR) exceeding 50 dBc
80 GSa/s sample rate 2 channels / 40 GSa/s sample rate 4 channels
Industry deepest memory with up to 2 Gpts memory (100 Mpts per ch std on DSA)
Industry longest 160-bit, 12.5 Gb/s hardware serial trigger

Industrys Fastest Mixed Signal Oscilloscope with 20 GSa/s digital channels,
delivering best analog and digital performance
The MSO is specially targeted at DDR/LPDDR2, 3 & 4 memory technologies,
simplifying the complicated task of triggering,
analyzing & debugging the parallel buses.

The Infiniium V-Series High-speed 12.5 Gb/s hardware serial trigger
with the industrys longest 160-bit sequence provides an effective
event trigger to find and debug the most challenging problems in your design.
The Infiniium V-Series hardware serial triggers speed covers
most common high-speed serial bus rates starting from 480 Mb/s
up to 12.5 Gb/s, which include USB 2.0, USB 3.1, PCI Express Gen
3, HDMI 2.0 and SAS-3 applications. Most of these applications
also support Spread Spectrum Clocking (SSC) where the highspeed signal is
modulated, and the V-Series hardware serial
trigger is able to track the SSC with its unique external reference
clock input. The hardware serial trigger will recover and generate
a sub-rate clock when locked to the signal

Industrys First PRBS error detector can trigger and display the bit error of
the PRBS-7, 15, 23 and 31 signals. It identifies the error when
the pattern does not match the expected PRBS pattern that has
been set in the oscilloscope. When the next error happens, the
oscilloscope will replace the display with the next bit error. This
allows you to discover if the error is related to the bit pattern,
which is related to Inter-Symbol Interference (ISI). The hardware
serial trigger provides an eyescan plot to show the signal quality
of the signal received.

Wideband and multi-channel FFT measurements
For frequency domain measurements that require you to see more than 500 MHz of
signal spectral bandwidth and multiple FFTs
simultaneously, the V-Series offers wider bandwidth than spectrum Analyser
and comes standard with 4 ports (channels) per
instrument. The V-Series enables users to make wideband measurements up to 33
GHz and up to 16 simultaneous FFTs. You can analyze even
higher bandwidth signals by combining the V-Series with a down converter

Hardware Options
Hardware serial trigger upgrade DSOV000-810 (KT-N2119A)
MSO upgrade (N2118A)
1 TB removable Solid State Drive (SSD) with Windows 7 (KT-DSOV000-801)
GPIB card-interface DSOV000-805 (KT-82351B)
Performance verification and deskew fixture DSOV000-808 (KT-N5443A)
Stack mount kit option for stacking two frames (KT-N2117A)
Rack mount kit (KT-N5470A)

Analog probes and accessories
30 GHz InfiniiMax III probe amplifier (KT-N2803A)
25 GHz InfiniiMax III probe amplifier (KT-N2802A)
20 GHz InfiniiMax III probe amplifier (KT-N2801A)
20 GHz InfiniiMax III+ probe amplifier (KT-N7000A)
13 GHz IniniiMax III+ probe amplifier (KT-N7002A)
QuickTip probe head for InfiniiMax III+ (KT-N2848A)
QuickTip probe tip (set of 4) (KT-N2849A)
16 GHz solder-in probe head (KT-N5441A)
26 GHz solder-in probe head (KT-N2836A)
ZIF probe head (KT-N5439A)
450 O ZIF tip replacement (set of 5) (KT-N5440A)
250 O ZIF tip replacement (set of 5) (KT-N5447A)
25 GHz PC board ZIF tip (KT-N2838A)
Browser (hand held) probe head (KT-N5445A)
Browser tip replacement (set of 4) (KT-N5476A)
3.5 mm/2.92 mm/SMA probe head (KT-N5444A)
30 GHz voltage termination adapter (KT-N7010A)
Performance verification and deskew fixture (KT-N5443A)
Precision BNC adapter (50 ohm) (KT-N5442A)
Sampling scope adapter (KT-N5477A)
2.92 mm head lex cable (KT-N5448A)
High impedance probe adapter (KT-N5449A)

Compliance test and validation software:
DDR1 and LPDDR1 (KT-U7233A-1TP)
DDR2 and LPDDR2 (KT-N5413B-1TP)
DDR3 and LPDDR3 (KT-U7231B-1TP)
DDR4 and LPDDR4 (KT-N6462A-1TP)
DisplayPort 1.2 (KT-U7232C-1TP)
eDP 1.4 (KT-N6469A-1TP)
eMMC (KT-N5435A-061)
Ethernet + EEE 10/100/1000Base-T (KT-N5392B-1TP)
Ethernet 10GBase-T (KT-U7236A-1TP)
Ethernet 10GBase-KR (KT-N8814B-1TP)
Ethernet 100GBase-CR10 (KT-N8828A-1TP)
Ethernet 100GBase-CR4 (KT-N8830A-1TP)
Ethernet 100GBase-KR4 (KT-N8829A-1TP)
GDDR5 (KT-U7245A-1TP)
HDMI 2.0 (KT-N5399C-1TP)
MHL 3.0 (KT-N6460B-1TP)
MOST (KT-N6466A-1TP)
PCI Express Gen 3 (KT-N5393D-1TP)
SAS-3 (KT-N5412D-1TP)
SATA Gen 3 (KT-N5411B-1TP)
SFP+ (KT-N6468A-1TP)
USB 2.0 (KT-N5416A-1TP)
USB 3.1 (KT-U7243B-1TP)
UHS-I (KT-U7246A-1TP)
UHS-II (KT-N6461A-1TP)
User-defined application (KT-N5467B-1TP)
Thunderbolt (KT-N6463B-1TP)
XAUI (KT-N5431A-1TP)

Protocol decode software
64b/66b (10GBase-KR) (KT-N8815A-1TP)
CAN/LIN/FlexRay (KT-N8803A-1TP)
DDR2/3/4 and LPDDR2/3/4 - Standard on MSO models
IC/SPI (KT-N5391A-1TP)
JTAG (KT-N8817A-1TP)
MIPI CSI-3 (KT-N8820A-1TP)
MIPI DigRF v4 (KT-N8807A-1TP)
MIPI UniPro (KT-N8808A-1TP)
PCIe 1 and 2 (KT-N5463A-1TP)
PCIe 3 (KT-N8816A-1TP)
RS-232/UART (KT-N5462A-1TP)
SATA (KT-N8801A-1TP)
SSIC (KT-N8819A-1TP)
SVID (KT-N8812A-1TP)
USB 2.0 (KT-N5464A-1TP)
USB 3.0 (KT-N8805A-1TP)

P1 package consists of the following:
/02G Memory upgrade 2G/CH
/805 GPIB Card-Interface
/N5430A User-Defined Function
/N5461A Serial Data Equalization
/N5465A InfiniiSim Advanced

P2 package consists of the following:
/02G Memory upgrade 2G/CH
/805 GPIB Card-Interface
/N5430A User-Defined Function
/N5461A Serial Data Equalization
/N5465A InfiniiSim Advanced
/N8807A DigRF v4 Protocol Decode
/N8809A LLI Protocol Decode
/U7249C MIPI M-PHY Compliance

P3 package consists of the following:
/500 500M per CH memory
/N5391A1 I2C/SPI Trigger/Dcode
/N5393D1 PCIE Cmplance 1.0,2.0,3.0
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
49.28 cm 43.69 cm 26.67 cm 32.59 kg
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