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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 8757D
10MHz-110GHz Scalar Network Analyser

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KT-8757D/1/Fourth Detector Input
KT-8757D/1/2/Fourth Detector Input/Internal Power Calibrator
KT-8757D/2/Internal Power Calibrator
Catalog Description

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 8757D

10MHz to 110GHz Scalar Network Analyser

Up to 40GHz in coax, 10MHz to 110GHz in waveguide.
4 channels, 3 standard detector inputs and a fourth
with option 1. Color display. Customer may require a source, power splitter,
Requires swept source and at least one detector or directional bridge.

See also KT-E8361A.

Compatible with the KT-8375X, KT-836XX KT-8340,KT-8350 and
KT-E8257D-520/7 or KT-E8257D-540/7 series sweepers.

Compatible bridges, detectors and accessories:

KT-85021C 10MHz-18GHz Directional Bridge
KT-85022A System Cable Kit
KT-85025A 10MHz-18GHz Detector
KT-85025B 10MHz-26.5GHz Detector
KT-85025D 10MHz-50GHz Detector
KT-85025E 10MHz-26.5GHz Detector
KT-85027B 10MHz-26.5GHz Directional Bridge
KT-85027C 10MHz-18 GHz, Type-N (f)
KT-85027D 10MHz-50GHz Directional Bridge
KT-85027E 10MHz-26.5GHz Directional Bridge
KT-85037A 10MHz-18GHz Detector
KT-85037B 10MHz-26.5GHz Precision Detector
KT-11613B Calibrator
KT-11636B DC to 26.5GHz, 3.5mm (f) Divider
KT-11667A DC to 18GHz, all connectors Type-N (f) Power splitter
KT-11667B DC to 26.5GHz, 3.5mm (f) Power splitter
KT-11667C DC to 50GHz, 2.4mm (f) Power splitter
KT-11679A 25 ft extension cable
KT-11679B 200 ft extension cable
KT-11852B 50/75 ohm minimum loss pad
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
48.26 cm 42.55 cm 17.78 cm 28.18 kg


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