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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 8753E
30kHz-3GHz Vector Network Analyser

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KT-8753E/10/75/Time Domain Measurements/75ohm Operation
Catalog Description

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 8753E

30KHz to 3GHz RF Vector Network Analyser.
Features; built-in S-parameter test set for complete forward and reverse
measurements, allowing you to completely characterize your component with
a single connection; Optional time domain and swept harmonic measurements
Mixer testing with frequency-offset capability; Optional step attenuator for
extended source output power range; 1Hz resolution built in synthesizer;
110dB dynamic range; -5 to +20dBm power range; and a Color display;
built-in floppy-disk drive. Standard 50ohm measurements with optional
75ohm. Option 11 deletes the internal test set and an external one is usually
Requires KT-1185xx test port cables.
May also require a verification kit and a calibration kit (see below).

See also KT-8753ES, KT-E5070B, or KT-N5230A-020.

Accessory Kits
KT-11853A Type N accessory kit
KT-11855A 75ohm Accessory Kit
KT-11854A 50ohm BNC Accessory kit
KT-11856A 75ohm BNC Accessory kit

Test port cables
KT-11857D 50ohm APC-7 test port cable set
KT-11857B 75ohm Type N test port cables

Calibration Kits
KT-85031B 7mm calibration kit
KT-85032B/100 50ohm Type N calibration kit
KT-85032E 50ohm Type N calibration kit
KT-85032F Type N calibration kit
KT-85033C 3.5mm calibration kit
KT-85033D 3.5mm calibration kit
KT-85033D/100 3.5mm calibration kit
KT-85033E 3.5mm calibration kit
KT-85036B 75ohm Type N calibration kit
KT-85036E 75ohm Type N calibration kit
KT-85092C/00F Type N Ecal (requires KT-85097B)
KT-85093C RF Ecal module, 3.5mm connectors
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
45.72 cm 43.18 cm 22.86 cm 39.55 kg
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