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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 4396B
100kHz-1.8GHz Vector Network/Spectrum Analyser

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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 4396B

100kHz-1.8GHz Network/Spectrum Analyser
Offers Full-vector network and spectrum measurement and analysis Gain,
phase, group delay, distortion, spurious, CN, and noise measurements
often required for evaluating components and circuits can be
measured using one instrument.

As a vector network Analyser, it operates from 100kHz to 1.8GHz with 1MHz
resolution and its integrated synthesized source provides -60 to +20dBm of
output power with 0.1dB resolution.

As a spectrum Analyser, the 4396B operates from 2Hz to 1.8GHz with
resolution bandwidths (RBWs) spanning 1Hz to 3MHz in a 1-3-10 sequence.
Noise sidebands fall below -105dBc/Hz offset 10kHz from carriers below
1 GHz, while sensitivity is -50dBm/Hz at 10MHz and -147dBm/Hz at 1GHz.

Built-in IBASIC for easy test automation, Time-gated spectrum analysis option.
Standard Features : Instrument BASIC, GPIB port, 3.5" floppy disk drive,
direct print; RAM disk, VGA Monitor Output

RF input Connector Type-N female.

Opt/10 requires an KT-43961A.
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55.88 cm 43.18 cm 25.4 cm 37.27 kg


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